Soul Freedom

This is now the main website for Soul Freedom, Life and Soul Promotions,  and Indie Soul Mixer.  Much of the old domain remains intact for reference www.lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk.

Soul Freedom has largely taken over as the main ‘brand name’ for what I do.  I am not using the others so much, having moved on and evolved.

The best way to use the site is to break it down into the page you are looking for using the (right hand) side category menu. Otherwise all posts simply list chronologically.

Older material can still be seen at www.lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk

Thanks for stopping by Mike – indiesoulmixer@gmail.com
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Soul Freedom Sounds Facebook Page

Can be found here and you can be added by connecting up with me on Facebook.  Very Basically it consists to video and other links of tracks that I like and is typical on what you might find at a Soul Freedom Gig, or a Soul Freedom Radio Show.

Heavily focused on Independent Tracks, but contains also oldies, recaps, soul , disco, boogie, Hip Hop, Reggae, Crossover and anything that takes my fancy.

Just connect up, scroll down and enjoy the tunes


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