Martha Redbone

Hey folks,

Autumn’s rhere and were pleased to invite you to our next NYC gig @ our fave home spot Joes Pub, one of the few places in the city with great sound and great vibes. We feel like were playing for friends at Joes. Thanks to Bill & Sara for their undying belief and support of our music.

Please mark in your calendars Saturday night, November 11, 2006, stage-packed with the fellas and me & a sister or two:) – We have been diligently writing away for CD # 3, to begin recording this winter for an early 2007 release. On the night we will play some of our newest babies to you-

JOES PUB, 425 Lafayette, Greenwich Village, $15 for details. Book early, have dinner, a drink or just hang.
What else have we been up to? Our musical journey has given us so many twists and turns and it has been a great ride all the way! Its been a minute since I have communicated with you all so heres a longer update than usual, hope you dont mind a good read! Here goes!

Well, we have spent quite a bit of time with various events for youngsters. We helped kick off the Summer Youth Program for the United Houma Nation. A little reminder, the Houma Indian people were also devastated by hurricanes Katrina & Rita last year and are slowly rebuilding their lives, Aaron & I along with many students, charity organizations and even WalMart & Sears have been pitching in and doing whatever to help everybody get back on their feet. We brought Dennis Banks Sacred Run Benefit to Houma, marathon runners pledged to run through 75 miles of the bayous, through the parishes knocking on doors and giving our support to the families. Aaron & I, along with renowned fine artist Synthia Saint. James donated a ceremonial powwow drum to the Principal Chief, Brenda Dardar Robichaux, with the hope that they may be able to lend the drum (a symbol of healing) to organizations who give generously. Lots of tears were shed that day!

We gave a small benefit concert in Sedona AZ this summer to help towards the costs of roof repairs in the bayous. The people and friends in Sedona came out to support full throttle and with the funds we raised, we were able to renew the roof of a tribal elders home. Photos of all stages of construction are at the tribal office in Houma.
Other goodies were the Opening Ceremony of the 2006 North American Indigenous Games, which are kind of a Native American Olympics. We performed at the Denver Broncos Invescu Stadium. It was incredible to see youth from all Indian Nations in the US & Canada practicing and preserving traditional sports like Stickball (Lacrosse), Archery, Rowing, Wrestling as well as Basketball, Swimming, Water Polo, Volley Ball, etc. We played at LEAF in Asheville, NC who dedicated this year to New Orleans. We participated in their LEAF Schools & Streets Youth Program with Cyrille Neville of the Neville Brothers and performed and talked with kids of Cherokee High School on the Cherokee Rez, NC. And we ended our summer lovin with the Anishinabe Great Canoe Race in Leech Lake rez, MN and Indian SummerFest.

Latest news, this December 1st, World AIDS Day, I have been invited to perform with jazz legend Nancy Wilson at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC as part of our advocacy work with NHAP, Natl HIV/AIDS Partnership.

Meantime, were headed back to Europe for the 4th time this year with 3 nights at Ronnie Scotts in London and other dates.

This weekend were opening for Native blues heroes Indigenous at the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Celebration in St. Louis. Phew! I could have written another whole song with this many lyrics! Thanks 4 your time, see y’all in NOVEMBER!

Love, Martha

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