Latest release 29 Feb 2008

Hello IndieSoul Stars… The time for us to shine is very near. You don’t want to miss this year’s Cocktail Party. We have secured a very special live performance by one of the hardest working and well known Indie Artist on the scene…I will reveal in future emails. Also, we are ‘thisclose’ to getting oneContinue reading “Latest release 29 Feb 2008”

Jesse Saunders’ New Book and Single

Jesse Saunders will be promoting his new book “House Music…The Real Story” with a special DJ set at Strictly Social, Feb 27th ( Please find below the press release regarding his book and new single. Let me know if you can post this. Cheers! —– Jesse Saunders Presents “House Music… The Real Story” And NewContinue reading “Jesse Saunders’ New Book and Single”

Jazz Warriors Afropeans: amended release date

Courtney Pine’sJazz Warriors Afropeansreleases its live album,recorded on 6 October 2007 at The Barbican,on Destin-E Records (cat. no:777 25 3 1807)onMonday 28 April 2008 Afropeans (definition): to be part of African descent and to exist in Europe, culturally, spiritually or, in this case, musically Robert Fordjour: drumsDarren Taylor: double bassAlex Wilson: acoustic pianoFemi Temowo: acoustic/electricContinue reading “Jazz Warriors Afropeans: amended release date”

2.29.08 Leap Year Gig @ Sugar Bar, NYC

‘Till leap year give you one day more… Feb 29th @ the Sugar Bar.On this very special extra day of the year, I’ll be doing a stripped-down set at the legendary Sugar Bar. Why legendary, you ask? It’s owned by Ashford and Simpson! Can’t top that, eh? Also, apparently there is more than one SugarContinue reading “2.29.08 Leap Year Gig @ Sugar Bar, NYC”

Mia Zuniga – Stories such as these

Review – Mia possesses a voice of the utmost clarity and she and her writing and production team know exactly what fits and what is needed, and the album exudes a professionalism and a comfort. The writing is consistly strong and the execution is exemplarary. So if acoustic soul is where your at then thisContinue reading “Mia Zuniga – Stories such as these”

Sonya E Henderson – Dimensions of Love

Review:- Kicks off with an appealing sultry sexy slow jam, The Juice, which sets a mood a little reminiscent of Adina Howard. The mood and vibe continues on Candy which is nice and easy but I feel it needs to let rip at some point and it doesn’t, pleasant enough though. I Can’t Deny ItContinue reading “Sonya E Henderson – Dimensions of Love”

Peter Hadar & Amanda Diva Live @ SOB’s Wednesday March 12th

Peter Hadar &Amanda Diva Live @ SOB’sWednesdayMarch 12th Peter HadarMemories Of The Heart Downloads Available @ iTunes CD Baby Recent ReviewsMemories Of The Heart raises the bar for soul music and does so without much effort at all. The CD was released a while back, but the music is fresh as ever. In short, PeterContinue reading “Peter Hadar & Amanda Diva Live @ SOB’s Wednesday March 12th”

Save The Date – Organix Soul Ya’ll

January’s installment of Organix Soul was filled with electricity and excitement. The night kicked off with Mobile Alabama poet Jahbu taking center stage going right into a politically charged piece that kept the crowd on edge. He then went into three more powerful pieces and exiting to a riveting standing ovation by the standing roomContinue reading “Save The Date – Organix Soul Ya’ll”

Harmony in Life Records – New Releases

Harmony In Life (HNL) Records Harmony in Life is a well established outlet for Indepenedent Soul Music based in Atlanta under the guidance of Ron Smith. The live performances at SugarHill are legendary. Having had the opportunity to meet and talk with Ron about his accomplishments and his visions it is great that he hasContinue reading “Harmony in Life Records – New Releases”

Alison Crockett Fabulous February

sol image – alison crockett February News Sol Image Catolog Click to Purchase Bare On Becoming A Woman… That’s Where You Go Radio Airplay CD101.9 FM NYC88.9FM Balt, MD88.9 Raleigh, NCSolarradio, UK if you know any others where my music is being played, let me know! Key of Gee E-Zine Review Here’s aContinue reading “Alison Crockett Fabulous February”