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March News

Sol Image Catolog

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Radio Airplay
CD101.9 FM NYC
88.9FM Balt, MD
88.9 Raleigh, NC
Solarradio, UK

if you know any others where my music is being played, let me know!

Key of Gee E-Zine Review
Here’s a review form the Urban Organic Festival…

…Crockett was in Detroit for the Urban Organic Weekend. When I interviewed her… I thought OK – she is a nice quiet, laid-back…

But, wow when Alison walked on stage to sing – girl friend morphed into this energetic Diva… Everyone that came after her, had step up their vocal game – cause she brought it.

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OK, it’s March now. Can you believe the time has moved so fast?! We’re working hard on the next recording which is on the horizon…I was just working on the last song…it’s a masterpiece…atleast to me. Just you wait…

This spring I have a some things happening as I finish up this new record. I’ll be doing my first gig in Virginia with my road dog “chickenologist”, John Bibbs. I’ll also be putting my teaching hat on, giving a workshop in Maryland about the workings of Jazz voice. Fascinating stuff the voice is…atleast to me.

I have some dayes coming up around the country so if you haven’t seen me in your town, don’t give up on me….

With Much Love,

Click Here to purchase the record and find out what you think. Then email me back with your comments….I’d luv to hear from you!

“inDepth Vocal Jazz” Saturday, March 29, 2008
1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saint Mark Presbyterian Church
10701 Old Georgetown Road
Rockville, MD 20852

Whether you are an “in the shower singer” or out there gigging, you’ll want to attend this special vocal clinic. You will attend three classes, covering everything from breathing and intonation to jazz theory and scatting. Then, our fourth and final class puts you in a small group singing situation where you will get to strut your stuff with our top-call pianists. Classes are grouped according to ability level, so the Vocal Jazz Clinic is perfect for beginners to semi-pros.

Future Dates:

Saturday, May 3 – NYC
Thursday, May 8 – Washington, DC

Friday, May 23 – Starlite Cafe
Sunday, June 8 – Chicago

Look out for more details coming soon. If you want alison to perform in your area contact or

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