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Joni Neh Rita – A Fine Time

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Quite a lot of nice stuff coming out of Canada over recent years and this is no exception. The initial indicators that reach you after the first few minutes of How Can It Be are that it is proper musicianship, live feel, punchy, good production and excellent vocals.

The first track whilst setting the scene and giving promise does not blow me away but the second track, Star, mellower and moodier with vocals more upfront and powerful with some fine keyboards and guitar, is a standout track, and one that I have featured on my radio show.

Not That Deep is jazzier, faster paced and more percussive. You Left offers another difference in styles, being funkier, and gets deep down and slow as the vocals take over. Probab,y my favourite cut when all said and done.

How 2 Get Thru stes of at a driving pace, sounding a little 60’s orientated and not really doing much for me. On My Way is nice mellow and haunting with a memorable hook.

A Fine Time is a bit of a rock track. Nothing Else Matters again is more my kind of thing, definitely doing more for me on the melower tracks where the vocal come across much stronger. Concluding with a very nice reggae vibe on The Way Of The World.

An accomplished album with several tracks of note. A fine time.

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A Fine Time
Joni’s music is a bright alternative for those who still like their music served with lyrical substance. She’s got a great set of pipes, but it’s her gift of songwriting that really comes through on her first release. It’s a definite nod to the great soul music of the 70’s and she soars as a vocal arranger with lush harmonies. Every song is its own entity but is distinctly Joni- infectious. soulful. bright.

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