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A Message From Gary Taylor


It’s great to be working with a promoter who really loves and understands what she is doing. DDT Entertainment is run by a young, attractive “Woman of Color” (you already know how I feel about Women of Color). She asked me to do one thing in our approach to doing a LIVE date in Fayettville, NC, “Trust Her”. As apprehensive as I can be sometimes, I decided to give it a try.

Still this was Fayettville, NC. “Woman of Color” was a huge song here because of a radio programmer named Garret Davis, who was working at WUKS 107.7 FM at the time of the song’s release. As I was told (by the owner of The Ambiance Entertainment Center), the song is still getting played in recurrent play today.

DDT Entertainment put a promotion wheel into motion I had never seen the likes of. Not even when I was with A&M or Virgin Records, and these companies are considered Majors. It must feel good when your reputation as a promoter is so good that radio stations and papers and T.V. (yes. there was even a television add put into motion) are calling to be a part of your event.

My thinking was “Are there any people in Fayetteville?” Well as many uninformed city folk (me included) think about small southern towns, I had a lot to learn. FortBragg army base (the largest on the East Coast has over 100,000) has a captive, music loving crowd that love to get out to LIVE shows every weekend. This past weekend had shows going down on Thursday, Friday, and Marcus Mitchell and myself on Saturday, and all 3 shows had there own crowd.

There’s also FayettevilleStateUniversity. A very large Historically Black University, with an extremely sophisticated campus full of intelligent, progressive African Americans (not failing to mention the home of WFSS 91.9 FM. a very high profile Jazz station). Pretty much all of the HBCU’s down in South have there own radio stations. Maybe that’s why music down here is so rich, and true to Black culture.

Wake up big city radio!

The hour came faster than I thought it would and I could hear the crowd going crazy during the Marcus Mitchell show. I was thinking, “How am I going to match that energy?”

My time came and as I was taking to the stage my mind was saying do any of these people know who I am. The applause was loud, and there was screaming from women (my audiences’ are about 80% female). As I took the stage I could see tables with 6 here, and 5 over there; Women of Color who came out to hear love songs. They were all smiling and talking to me between songs. The men got in on the action. The next thing I knew people were standing next to their tables slow dancing and swaying to the music. I had only seen things like this in the movies, stories about southern nightclub life.

My band (WaWa LeGrand-guitar, Blues Webb-Drums, Rick Watts-Bass, Benjie Porecki- Keyboards, and Shang- background vocals) was killing it. The crowd was shouting out and talking to them as they did solo’s which only made them play even better. I have Debra at DDT Entertainment to thank for this band. She had worked with the Musical Director, WaWa many times before and this group of musicians just loved her. I have to say, I’ve been doing this music thing for over 28 years and I’ve never seen this kind of love and closeness between musicians and promoters.

My night closed with me singing “Lovin My People” (my personal Black National Anthem). Every one was up out of their seat partying like it was their job. It was the wildest I have ever seen. A line formed, and people started doing the Electric Slide. I was feeling so good I didn’t want to leave the stage.

After the show I was signing CD’s and T-Shirts for people. I’ve never met a more gracias crowd. There were those who had all of my past CD’s and were buying the new one’s. One fan came up and asked, “f I would sign something special for him”; he handed me a copy of my “Compassion” album in vinyl format. So much for wondering if the people of Fayettville, NC knew who I was.

This was truly one of the best LIVE shows I ever experienced, and I have Debra and DDT Entertainment to thank for this “Smooth Summer Night” of magic.

B.B. Kings New York, October 12th, 2008, get ready!

Stay Blessed

G. “Blackness”


Cherry Bomb’s the Rage and Bloom is Buzzing…..

– Vol 1, Issue 1

In This Issue
Friendly Links
Friends and Fam

I’m still on a high from the Cherry Bomb NY book party. It was packed to the gills at The Beauty Bar— I don’t think another body could have fit and the line was down the street before doors opened. You’d think it was a record release, a film premiere or some A list celeb event. Bravo to author Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna. I can only imagine it every author’s dream to come close to replicating an event like that… Cherry Bomb danced off the shelves and people were lining up to get their copy autographed. Well done!

I think I’ve fallen in love with books again! Any authors, journalists, writers– please get at me when you’re ready. I’m eager to do it again!! I have the bug!!! Shouts to Village Slum. Photos are up now and you can read my Blog for the wrap up and other shout outs! I must also say— Fall, 2009- I will be published too — stay tuned!

In other news- my BLOOM BLOG caught fire and heat today when I posted Jazz Trumpeter Nicholas Payton’s entry ‘ Why I Hate Jazz’. Oh boy- some pandemonium here but I must say his take is quite hilarious.

I’m loving the fact I have diverse and talented artists contributing to The Bloom Blog. It is indeed a blessing. Nicholas Payton. Miz Metro. Elida from Dirty Fuzz. Dred Scott. Kissey Asplund.

Will have a couple announcements of note concerning my blog coming soon so stay tuned. RSS me- Feed me!!! Subscribe to me baby!

This uptown mixer will be dope as musical soundtrack is provided by my friends at Digiwaxx. Yes- they’ve finally got me sponsoring one of their mixers!!!

Thanks to Nue Agency who’s produced this event and partnered us all together to bring you a fabulous time of networking, listening to hot music provided by ENUFF and having tasty treats and loads of drinks.

Well, we are after all kicking off a Labour Day weekend. So come mix with us. Covo Tratoria 701 W. 135th St and 12th Ave- 7PM-Midnight….

This D.C girl is going to bless the mic and stage at the Highline Ballroom this Thursday so NY get ready if you aren’t familiar with Wayna.

I became familiar after hosting a Nu-Soul Series show at Franks Lounge a couple months ago- Dare I say- I was impressed – so much so- that we’ll be collaborating together in the near future.

Wayna has just released her 2nd album called ‘Higher Ground’. Her debut is called ‘Moments of Clarity’. I suggest you buy both! They’re great…

Come to Highline Ballroom- Wayna is opening for Les Nubians. This will be a treat.. Wayna will also be performing in Atlanta for Strictly Social – Friday, September 12th.

Reviews are starting to pour in for ‘Storyteller’-Heston’s long awaited debut release and boy it was certainly worth the wait— The general feedback is pretty much consistent and in agreement saying it’s a brilliant first release with some amazing arrangements, beautiful vocals and stellar songwriting.

You know– i haven’t seen Heston live yet– can’t wait for that day but from I hear from everyone– he’s an amazing live performer. Heston has the full package…

He’s in St. Louis this Thursday, August 28th at Napps Vibe Lounge. He was supposed to do an outdoor concert in Birmingham over the weekend but the place got rained out due to the Hurricane. Oh that thing! Birmingham will be re-scheduled!

Heston’s album is #1 at Soultracks with regards to sales as compiled by CD Baby, Amazon and some other retailers. He’s up for 2 noms…..Best Male Vocalist and Best New Artist. Voting deadline today.

Soultracks Readers Choice Awards take place at Max M Fisher Music Hall on October 3rd in Detroit and yes– I will be there… If you haven’t heard ‘Storyteller’- you need to!

You’ve been hearing her name a lot over the past few months and it’ s just the beginning. No more ‘Who is April Hill’. Her debut album ‘Love 360’ has been receiving accolades from wide and far. ..We congratulate her on the ‘Best New Artist’ nod. She’ll be in Detroit…

Her single ‘Wanna Be Free’ has been floating around the air-waves for a few weeks now and charted on Top 40 on Urban AC. Her gig at The Blue Note last Friday was incredible! She performed to a packed house and her musicians were on fire and she was entertaining, delightful vocally and eased into all the songs like a natural!

She also just performed with Fuzz Band in Norfolk. The reception was tremendous. We have a remix contest coming up and a ring back you’re going to definitely want your hand set to have and a lot of major things in the works so stay tuned…

How excited am I to be repping for Brooklyn Academy and their long overdue and very anticipated debut release ‘Bored of Education’. Talk about Full Circle! I go way back with these blokes. Back to 3-2-1 Records days when I put out this hot split single that still to this day is considered an ‘Underground Classic’.

Skeme Team featuring Non-Phixion and The Arsonists with the split single Pumpkinhead, Word a Mouth(Met and Block) yes- They’re here- they never went anywhere but the studio, stayed busy and creatively have mixed and mashed up some incredible songs both musically and lyrically and the guests on this project are ridiculous. Keith Murray, what? Jean Grae, what? And the list goes on….

People- you need to be here at the celebration of their new endeavour- their DEBUT- for so many reasons I can’t explain them all here but for the main one– many many years in the makes and in the works and who says it’s not true!! Good things really come to those who wait !! And now the wait is over….

I’m so happy for my boys!!! For Hip Hop we all need to be…..Brooklyn Academy is keeping Hip Hop very much alive in NY….Who says Hip Hop’s Dead!

Wednesday, September 3rd Southpaw 9PM Park Slope, BK– where it all began!!!! They’re also doing an in-store at Fat Beats the day before – September 2nd- 5PM-7PM

I got a lot of England in my life right now and this oh so makes me happy…My roots! All the way live from London is the funky soulful dance act- Reel People. Their 2nd album will see the light Stateside- as they ready the release of ‘Seven Ways to Wonder’.

Reel People spearheaded by Oli Lazurus of Papa Records fame… Oli will come over to NY for promo and guest DJ appearances sometime in September.

There are 12 juicy tracks on the latest project and a few guests including Darien and Omar… In fact– I can’t stop listening to this album..

Also- a listening party for the ‘Seven Ways to Wonder’ at Frank’s Lounge- Nu-Soul Series- Sept 20th…

Treat yourself to a relaxing escape with like minds- It’s the 2nd Annual OWN YOUR POWER RETREAT. Sept 26-27th at Miami Botanical Gardens

This retreat promises to be an empowering weekend. You will enjoy personal development, business and natural healing workshops designed to broaden your vision and bring clarity. A total integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Don’t miss out…. Tables/booths selling out fast!!!! REGISTER NOW!!! Sadly- I won’t be going down there but Simone Kelly tells me there will be an OWN YOUR POWER – NY next year!!!! So stay tuned!!!

I won’t be down for Soul Summit but will be there in spirit….Strictly Social- Sept 12th at Djangos…. The line up is fierce!

Shouts to Thomas Paul for interviewing me for Soultracks. The interview is live now and it’s juicy and candid….Check it out. Soultracks

I’m speaking at Baltimore Music Conference Sept 20th. Hit me up if you’re headed down there.

Shouts to everyone who’s digging the blog- thanks for your feedback…. Hit me up on all my social media pages….Find me if you can!!

I can’t stop listening to Roy Hargrove’s latest ‘ Earfood’. Especially ‘Strasbourg/ St. Denis’. It’s been in heavy rotation. I think I’ve listened to it 50 times…

I just heard a sneak preview of ‘Get it Together’ – a new Maya Azucena song and it’s so timely and it’s hot! I’m headed to see Eric Rico this week– I’ve heard nuff things about this bad boy!

I’m also super excited about Nicholas Payton and the trio at Jazz Standard featuring Mark Whitfield and Christian McBride. Sept 3-7th. Jazz is back in my life- full circle and I’m happy to have these fine musicians around me.

Lastly- it’s not what you think — It’s what you DO! I’m about to do the DO!


Fiona Bloom

The Bloom Effect

Vortex Outdoors – Sunday 28th September

Vortex Outdoors is a free outdoor event on as part of Open Rehearsal and the launch of the UK’s Cultural Olympiad.

Sunday 28th September 2008

1pm – 7pm

Gillett Square, Dalston, London N16

Featuring dynamic artists:

Imaani, Zena Edwards, Tawiah, Abdul Shyllon
plus Andreya Triana, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Baby Sol, Jnay, Sharleen Hector and BSIX 6th Form College Students.

website: http://www.vortexjazz.co.uk/

contact: info@vortexjazz.co.uk

Tel: 020 7993 3643

Jeremy James live this Sat. Aug. 30th, 9PM/$10 @ the Nuyorican Poets Cafe w/ poets: Nathan P. & Chance

Cisco – MGR, here to invite you to . . .
Acoustic Guitarist, Soul Singer and Song Writer
NEXT LIVE PERFORMANCE this Sat. Aug. 30th, 9pm/ $10 @ the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Urbintel, Inc. presents:
“Verses”, a poetry/hip-hop event
hosted by Helena D. Lewis
(the award winning playwright)
music by DJ Buddha LuvJonz

(acclaimed performing artist)
(of El Grito De Petas)
(former Nuyo Slam Master and Slam Finalist)
236 East 3rd Street
b/n Avenues B & C Lower East Side,
Manhattan 10009

Ed Jackson – Upcoming Gigs and CD release update news

Hello Friends,

I hope all is with you. I am back in Brazil just finishing up a few gigs. I also wanted to let you know that the release date for my new CD “Colors” has been delayed until September. However, I have decided that my CD release gig date will be Saturday, October 18 in NY. I now have to choose from one of 2 locations for the event. I will give you all the details soon.

In the meantime if you happen to be in the neighborhood I will be playing at a jazz festival with my quartet in Rio De Janeiro this Friday. (see details below) I hope to see you there.

Friday, August 29

Esch Festival de Jazz

Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ed Jackson Quartet:

Ed Jackson- Alto,Soprano Saxophones and Flute

Octavio Garcia -Drums

Alberto Farah – Piano

Fernando Costa -Bass

Showtime 9:00 pm

Cover : R$ 40,00

For more information call:

(55) (21) 2512-5651

Ed Jackson

Possibly The PARTY of The Year Early Warning!


We have the pleasure of having Nu Soul / Hip Hop producer Eric Lau doing a guest DJ set, his ground breaking debut LP called New Territories is available at all good record shops (a must have in your collection!). All you regular CRATES attendees will be used to us playing joints from Eric’s LP! We also have Soundspect taking it straight to the dance floor repping the underground.

The night will consist of Nu Soul, Funk, Boogie, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rare Groove and Soulful Broken Beat, it’s free before 11pm, £5 after and £10 after 2am (hope that makes sense lol!).
This will be a night of mature fun, happy faces and good ol funky music! People are still talking about our 1st birthday party last year…..we reckon this one is going to be better…..





Sunday, August 31st, 2008
4460 So. Third Street
Memphis, TN
Price: No Cover

The Mark IV Social Set will make their annual visit to Memphis, TN.
Their hangout was Mike’s Place and as Mike decided to do his hanging
out with Sweet Angel; their host this year will be Lucille’s at 4460
So. Third Street. DON’T WORRY, Mike and Sweet Angel will be in the
house. As a matter of fact, SWEET ANGEL voted “BEST NEW SOUTHERN
SOUL FEMALE ARTIST FOR 2008″ by Jus’ Blues Music Awards will be
behind the “wheels of steel”. OH YEAH! SWEET ANGEL IS ONE OF THE

Doors Open at 5pm, NO COVER CHARGE, must be 21 years old

For more information call Lucille’s at (901) 789-4194 or Mike
Dobbins at (901) 246-7545