2nd Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Event

2nd Annual ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Event’ at the Sugar Bar

Domestic Violence Awareness month evolved from the first day of Unity observed in Oct, 1981 by the National Collation Against Domestic Violence. The intent was to connect battered women’s advocates across the nation who were working to end violence against women and their children. The day of unity soon became a special week when a range of activities were conducted at local, state, and national levels.www.ncadv.org

Icreeupree is an independent company made up primarily of women, who have been indirectly or directly affected by domestic violence. We have decided that it’s very crucial to take an affirmative stand by bringing the awareness of domestic to the music and entertainment communities. Icreepuree has reached out to singers, artists, musicians, book writers and TV hosts, to stress the importance of domestic violence on the night of October 17th 2008 at the Sugar Bar NYC.

The renowned Sugar Bar owned by the world’s famous Ashford & Simpson will help create the most idyllic atmosphere on the night of
October 17th, 2008 our 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Event, entitled “The 5 Sistah’s with Soul and Wisdom” is where Soul, Jazz, Improvisation and Wisdom will convene on stage to enlighten, educate and entertain with a focal purpose. Let us all gather together and fight this disease called domestic violence.

Featured artists includes:

Imessiah Soul – one of today’s most compelling, soul sea rching artists who aims to bring a new and natural swagger to the world of Neo-Soul a nd R&B. Ghanniyya Green – a well accomplished jazz vocalist known from New York to Japan. Abiola Abrams – A well accomplished film director, book writer and television show host, (Bet J, HBO, & NBC). Kennedy Williams-Benjamin – wife of Bronx assemblyman Michael Benjamin and author of “Processing Life’s Moments”: Therapy for the Soul: God, I Can Hear You, and Cikethia – bring to the stage Spoken Word/Improvisation.
The atmosphere and setting will be perfectly conducive to highlight the message that these 5 ladies will aim to arouse in their audience. Their message in music and word will be a perfect and inspiring tool to express their mission, which is to let victims of domestic violence know they are not alone and not to give into F.E.A.R,which Imessiah Soul perceives as “false evidence appearing real”.

Overall the show will serve its purpose, To Inform, Educate, Empower and Create an atmosphere of awareness to the disturbing and alarming factors exposed when Domestic Violence shows it’s ugly face.

For press passes call 347.920.3842
Your support is and will be greatly appreciated.

Joli Harris – Show producer

For more info and pictures click the link below

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