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Rob Murat – So Much to Say

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So Much to Say

Review –

The Soul World needs albums like this, in that they are heavily influenced on Soul Music from back in the day, and then bring it to another level that is appropriate for today. This album does this from a number of different angles, it’s diversity, it’s freshness, it’s construction, and very powerful tracks.

Perhaps most powerful in many ways, the emotive content, the lyrics, the delivery of the acoustic Something Magical.

But there are many tracks that are of a high calibre – the Amy/Doris Day styled/sampled Dilemma, the upbeat catchy Daytime High, the uplifting and very accessible Celebrate.

Until its over is a cool ballad including some interesting violins, indeed some interesting instrumentation crops up here and there throughout the album.

The remaining tracks are for the most part varied and interesting with ballads, guests, up and downbeat, fine musicianship.

Whilst not every track hit the spot the whole package hangs together well, and there are lots of good things going on, so in that respect it is highly recommended.

Tracks: – 1 Ladies & Gentlemen 2 Dilemma 3 Ready to Love 4 Mr. Soulman ft. Amanda Diva 5 Daytime High 6 Celebrate 7 Something Magical 8 Until It’s Over
9 So Much to Say 10 So Much More ft. J. Ivy 11 One Day ft. Blitz the Ambassador
12 Born Again 13 BONUS: Ricky??? 14 BONUS: Know… (Live)

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Soul music is back! It’s almost impossible to deny that there’s an ongoing resurrection of the genre made popular by pioneers such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and numerous others. After a lack-luster hiatus, R&B and Soul is refreshing again… It’s special again… And it definitely feels good again. Among the pack of souldiers leading this recent upsurge is native New Yorker, Rob Murat. The Queens-born Ivy-League graduate emerges as a leader within the resurgence with intense vocals, creative songwriting, and contagious production that holds music-lovers captive.

Singer, songwriter, producer, and grandson of an international music notable; Rob has been surrounded by music ever since birth. With a childhood immersed in a wide array of musical influences, from hip hop, pop, and R&B to Caribbean, jazz and even classical, Rob developed a vigorous passion for music relatively early in life. His musical upbringing coupled with his experiences as a trumpet soloist, self-taught pianist, impressive composer and vocal arranger has translated into the making of a true artist.

Listening to Rob Murat’s music is like traveling back to the future. The freshness of his sound is reminiscent of the icons that paved the way before him, yet it pushes forward with a unique flavor that hints at something never quite heard before. His passionate performances demand your undivided attention upon delivery. Sold out crowds at New York’s Joe’s Pub, The Village Underground, and L.Q., and Philadelphia’s World Live Café among others have all experienced Rob’s captivating execution firsthand. His sound and style lay a foundation that often flirt with rich tones and live instrumentation, yet at the same time display hip hop sensibilities that peak the interest of the urban listener. His songs deal with a range of matters from the heart and mind with a strong presence of vocal textures that serve as pure audio therapy for the soul. Seldom have love and hate, joy and pain, even tears and laughter been bound so tightly together in such a mesmerizing set.

Rob’s recent accolades include collaborations with Grammy Award winning, G.O.O.D. Music producer, Devo Springsteen (Kanye West, John Legend), and Hip Hop group, Kidz in the Hall; appearances on FOX and BET J TV broadcasts, and the Lennon Award in the R&B category of the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest; music placements on a nationwide Verizon Wireless radio ad, and on ESPN and TV One original series. His brand new recording project, So Much to Say, boasts collaborations with emcee/singer, Amanda Diva (Def Poetry Jam, Sirius Radio, MTV2), J. Ivy (Def Poetry Jam, Kanye West’s College Dropout), and rising Hip Hop artist, Blitz the Ambassador .

Yes… Soul music is back! And if Rob Murat has his way, it is here to stay.


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