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Darien – If these walls could talk

Not sure when this is due to drop but is one well worth waiting for. A solid album all the way through with several danceloor friendly tracks.

Just can’t wait kicks off in an upbeat style with handclaps, guitar riffs and easy singalong chorus. Gone I guess is more R’n’B dancefloor friendly but still contributing to a strong opening with powerfull beats.

Composure is another top track with excellent instrumentation and an old school feel and one of the top cuts. Where its at, also heavy on the beats and strong on the vocals and a latent hammond organ weaving in and out.

Showya kicks in with a powerful bass and a lazy hypnotic vibe. My Door mellows it down somewhat, an immaculate ballad. Sail Thru is a mellow Stevie esque ballad with a fine trumpet break.

Love Revolution again with strong instrumentation builds into powerful track with lots going on. Nowhere I like a lot, heavy beat, funky organ, laid back vibe, string samples, great guitar work, great vocals.

Saturday is reminiscent of a fun day in the summer just hanging and vibing on the streets. All kinds of things is a funky singalong midtempo ballad, again hammond is prominent.

If these walls could talk, the title track, is an acoustic ballad, allowing appreciation of the vocals and the lyricism, and as it gathers pace it builds into a very prominent track.

An excellent album, very well produced with many top tracks and heartily recommended

Tracks – Just can’t wait, Gone, Composure, Where its at, Showya, My Door, Sail Thru, Love Revolution, The Road, Nowhere, WSRD 33.3FM, Saturday, All kinds of things, If these walls could talk, Seasons



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