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Life and Soul Promotions


This is now the main website for Life and Soul Promotions, Soul Freedom and Indie Soul Mixer and links straight in from the main domain www.lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk.

The best way to use the site is to break it down into the page you are looking for using the (right hand) side category menu. Otherwise all posts simply list chronologically.

Older material can still be seen at www.lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk

Thanks for stopping by Mike – mike@lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk  www.lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk
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6 thoughts on “Life and Soul Promotions

  1. For lovers of Top40 sound blended with Soul/R&B rhythmic arrangements and to the fan base of Gloria Jones, Jimmy McFarland, and Tiaras in the USA and UK/Europe, checkout the new release as of July 15, 2011. The Album title is, “Kingdom Come Forever”….Pass the word around about the new CD Album

    I am a writer and record producer of the album with Kingdom Come Forever Records in the USA. We have release, USA and UK, a new CD album featuring Gloria Jones, Jimmy McFarland, and the Tiaras. We are promoting the performers as an individual act on this CD Album……These are new releases. Great performances.

    Gloria will be in London on Sept 12….She will be in Northern England on 14, 15 and back to London on 16th…She will be available for interviews after the 16th.

    The CD will be featuring Gloria Jones new song “Gone With The Wind Is My Love,” a new release. Jimmy McFarland’s new release with a new arrangement on “Blowing My Mind to Pieces,” and the original 3 minute version. Then there is the Tiaras performing their new release/version of “You’re My Man as well as Love’s made a Connection.” You got to hear these tunes and the performance of the singers.

    The CD album is listed at http://www.kingdomcomeforever.com with links to KUNAKI Distributors for the Physical CD and links to CD Baby.com for the Digital album download
    ( 30 second preview, each tune).

    Pass the word around about the new CD Album….to your network of friends on Facebook, other sites or personal email list

    For any inquires by radio station DJ’s-send an email to loubarreto.socal@gmail.com

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