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JeBron – Time of my Life Chapter 1

Time of My Life - Chapter 1

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Review:-  Somewhat derivative R’n’B but enhanced by a great vocal Key to Life, a play on Street Life with strained powerful vocal over modest beats.   Privacy again promises much with more going on in the song, but again let down a bit by the backing. All The Way is the pick of the bunch, a dead slow R’n’B ballad which allows the vocal strength to come through.  Beautiful concludes with a slightly more upbeat ballad with harmonies thrown in and a bit of falsetto which illustrates the depths of the vocals.

Promises a lot, like the vocal, just needs a tad more originality.

Tracks:-     Time of My Life – Intro,     2 Key to Life ,     3 Privacy,     4 All The Way,     5 Beautiful

Links:- http://www.myspace.com/jebronmusic

Atlanta, GA – On August 9, 2008, Atlanta’s own singer, songwriter, and producer, JeBron released the highly anticipated EP – “Time of My Life”.    This EP is guaranteed to take us back to the days of wine and roses as he reminds us of the meaning of love through song.

This extraordinary release includes the hit single “Beautiful”, which was recently featured on MTV’s A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila and Atlanta radio station featured rotation.  The EP also includes, Key to Life,  All The Way,  Privacy and a special intro from his next hit single, soon to be released “Time of My Life”.

JeBron’s says “I am always striving to find ways to connect and be present with my audience.  Always mindful that they are “why I do what I do” JeBron explains about the concept of this EP.  As he plans to continue to bring that old school music vibe with a new age twist to his listeners.

JeBron is the next R&B singer to take it from Atlanta to the world.  So stay tuned for more soulful music from this talented young artist.


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