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Planet Ubiquity – Invasion

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Review -Only the broad minded need apply – a group of top New York musicians coming together with an eclectic and diverse bunch of influences and skills, the result is one mega fusion. I don’t get all of it I have to say, but some of it I do, like the reggae fused hip hop track Rebirth.

We Be is also a powerful track with funky organs kickin into the hip hop vibe.

Big Gunz is disappointing in theat despite the skills mentioned above it is devoid of originality.  On the other hand My Life’s lazy backbeat, word skills and soul chorus is tantalisinglly good, and quite possobly the best track.

The Vibe again has an easy vibe reminiscent of some old skool hip hop. War Cry is social, thought provoking  commentary of the highest order. Troubles mellows out to be almost horizontal.,

Tracks:-     1 Planet Utro,     2 Dope Band,     3 Drum Clinic,     4 REbirth,    5 We Be,     6 2 Shots,     7 Big Gunz,     8 My Life,     9 The Vibe ,    10 REspect Da Streets,     11 War’s Favorite Things,     12 War Cry, 13 Troubles,

Links http://www.planetubiquity.com/


Ambassadors of the alternative NYC music scene, Planet Ubiquity (“Planet U”) is a band that blends emceeing, singing, spoken-word, string instruments, percussion and dancehall music into one enchanting sound. ” –KYA Entertainment-.

The umbrella of music that is reached at a Planet U experience ranges from Rock, to Traditional West African drumming, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Hip-hop, Soca and Roots Reggae music. Adrian Kamwell from bowed.org discribed the band by saying “Planet Ubiquity is a band of all-stars so-to-speak. Hailing from Brooklyn they are a band with a big sound infusing Rock,hip-hop, and R&B”.

Every member in this “all-star band” was born and bred in the culture saturated streets of New York City.  Everything from the walk to the bodedaga (corner store) in the Bronx, to the interaction with sophisticated ladies on Wall Street, and to the taste of slat fish and bake on Eastern parkway during the caribbean day parade is reflected and felt in planet U’s music.  The way most of the members of Planet Ubiquity met was actually though another New York City tradition of West African drumming in dance classes. It was irony that, besides there main instruments, Kulture, Shaun, Phearnone, and Shelton all were skilled in west african drumming. The  link to Planet U’s heavy rock influence comes from the kinship between shelton and Lenny who where in several rock bands together and followed the tradition of rock legends like Jimi Hendrix.

Planet Ubiquity has been featured in Shades Magazine, PMC-ENT.com Radio, Sirius Radio w/ Amanda Diva’s”Hip-Hop Nation”, Bowed.org radio, mentioned several times on WQHT’s Hot 97 morning show w/ Miss Jones, Center Stage TV, The Veronica Kit T.V. Show, and Mass Media Boston.

Planet Ubiquity has shared the stage with  Common, Talib Kweli, Lauryn Hill, Q-tip, Black Moon, Gregory Isaacs, Jaguar Wright, Imani Izzure, TL Cross, Queen Godis, Bilal, Lost Boyz, Busta Rhymes, and Jaru “The Damager”.

These five alone and together have preformed in over 20 different colleges, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Street Festival, Black August, The Kennedy Center, S.O.Bs, BB Kings, and CBGBs to name a few. Planet Ubiquitys mission is to create a higher level of music using old and new genres, while providing a positive message and to provide a platform for both established and upcoming musicians, lyricist, and poets to create.  Planet Ubiquitys music represents a breadth of genres and cultures. If you are lucky enough to catch them on planet earth you will experience a wonderful musical invasion on the ears, mind, heart and soul. One female fan of Planet U sums it up the best by saying Planet Ubiquity s stage show is amazing, they are like a Wu-tang Clan that plays instruments. Not to mention they are easy on the eye. – Female fan March 2006

Planet Ubiquity hits the road in August 2007 to promote its  forthcomming album Invasion.

Aka “Da Runaway” is the prolific lead lyricist of “The Planet U”. His unique skills and style with Trinidadian roots are felt from NYC’s massive underground hip-hop scene having collaborated with Mos Def & Talib Kweli all the way to working on the official #1 hip-hop station in the world (Hot 97 WQHT-FM). Kulture is prepared to take command of any audience made up of any demographic. When it comes to entertaining, intriguing, captivating and thought provoking personalities, Shani Kulture is the embodiment of this and more. Kulture’s assignments with Planet U are front man duties, lyrics & percussion. Kulture was a native of Hollis Queens, New York before moving to The Planet U.

Shayshahn “PHEARNONE” MacPherson

Known as Phearnone to his friends and fans, Shayshahn is the secret weapon of Planet Ubiquity. Phearnone can be seen performing spoken-word poetry and playing his five-string violin simultaneously all over the U.S.  Phearnone is truly Ubiquitous in the hip-hop scene. You probably have heard his string work on songs produced by many hip-hop and R&B producers like “Needlz” and “Steve E”.  Phearnone received his B.A from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His first big performance was Carnegie Hall at the age of 12.  Phearnone’s duties with Planet U are strings, lyrics, West African percussion and energy.  Phearnone was a Bronx native before he moved to Planet Ubiquity.

When you think of drums you think the root or the pulse of any band, Shaun Kelly is just that. Shaun started his studies of percussion at the early age of 11 while enrolled in the Harlem School of the Arts. By 18 his studies paid off by getting him a Music Scholarship to the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Djembe, Congas, Timpani, Marimba, Sabar, and drum set are all accomplished in this mans 4 limbs. Oh how could we leave out the fact that he also raps, sings, and composes a lot of the music that planet U performs. Watching this brother perform is mind-boggling.  You can catch Shaun’s work in movies like Marci X staring Damon Wayne and Lisa Kudro, to playing behind, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton, El De Barge, Larant Camara and Moussa Traore.  Shaun has preformed all over the Globe, Queens to Cali, Africa to Europe, Canada to Asia, and from Australia back to Planet U!


The “hardest working guitarist in the New York Scene” is working for Planet U. Shelton’s duties with “The Planet” are showing off his amazing vocal skill and wooing crowds with breathtaking guitar solos.  If you ever been to a live music performance in NYC then you probably have seen Shelton Garner play. Some of the artists he has played for are: Abby Dobson, Planet Ubiquity, Manchildblack, Jeremy James, Russell Taylor, and Alia Marie… He has opened for Musiq Soulchild, Mary J Blige, Tweet, The Roots, Kindred, Floetry, Dwele, Leela James and Burning Spear among others. This musical genius is the heart of Planet U’s production, and was a Brooklyn native before he moved to “Ubiquity”.


When you are looking for a strong or solid bass player Lenny Johnson is the man. Lenny (who is a New York City Fire patrol man by day) has amazing energy and compliments Planet U by bringing many creative ideas to the music and image.  Lenny is also an amazing sound engineer and cinematographer, which makes him valuable to any band along with his 16 years of musical experience.  Lenny duties are Bass, sound surveillance, energy, and video production. When Lenny is not on Planet U you can find him in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.


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