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Monica Mason

AmazingMy Soul
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You Took My Love Away exudes quality and all that is good about Monica Mason, a vocal that is powerful, dynamic yet crystal clear, a song of the highest order showcasing her vocals to the full.

A track called Freedom illustrates her versatility, more pop rock in styling against acoustic guitar and haunting hook line.  Peronally I prefer the soul stylings on the likes of Want You, more than a touch of the old school in the production.

Do You Remember, again another strong ballad and I guess this is where her forte lies, really letting rip on the vocals here, on a par with some of the best.

An excellent vocalist and i cannot wait for new product, but for now please check out what is available, if you haven’t already.


Like the magic of a rainbow, it’s unable to capture on film … or explain with words; you’ll just have to experience it, the voice of Monica Mason.  This attractive and super talented singer/songwriter, hailing from Denver, Colorado, has a beautiful, melodic voice that can passionately climb like a roll of thunder or whisper like the gentleness of a summer’s breeze.  It’s no wonder Monica shines.  Her vocal abilities parallel those of Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan and Yolanda Adams.  Monica has the power to move you!

Monica Mason has a magnetic effect on her audience when she performs.  She is truly a rare breed that comes around once in a lifetime.  A gifted songwriter, Monica has received a number of music scholarships, grants and awards.  Her vocal performances have topped every major world talent competition in which she has participated.  And like a diamond, one of God’s masterpieces, Monica’s voice is a brilliant, precious piece of art.

Monica’s experiences in the industry have empowered her to strive to be her best.”My motivation and strength come from my family and their belief in my abilities, ” says Monica.  Coming from a close family, Monica believes “All things are possible through God; He teaches us learning is doing,” she adds.

Recognizing her potential at an early age, Monica’s parents began to prepare their daughter for the future.  Monica is trained in voice, piano and acting.  Her education includes dual degrees from vocal performance and commercial music recording from Morris Brown College in Atlanta and a Master’s degree in business management from Central Michigan University.

“My one wish is to make my parents proud of me, “says Monica.  And she has!  Motivated and determined to stop at nothing, Monica has performed with Troop, Colonel Abrams, Jean Carne, Gladys Knight, The S.o.S. Band, Bobby Blue Band, Midnight Star, Vesta Williams and Ce Ce Peniston.  Monica has also recorded on other CD projects, and performed at the Atlanta Olympic Games. Racking up jingles for an international beverage company and her own 12-inch release under Gun Smoke Records, Monica is ready to take her career to another level.

Singing and writing are only a part of Monica Mason’s attractions.  What about her personal side?  Sincere, personable and warm are some of the ways her friends have described her.  Like many subtle megastars, Monica radiates an aura of quiet pureness, but after hearing her sing, it is hard not to notice her gentle greatness.

The world awaits God’s latest great work, singer/songwriter Monica Mason!


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