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Douye – Journey

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Fly Away the opening track is probably the pick, but thats not to say its a one track album, but it certainly portrays Douye at her best sultry, moody with memorable hook and some nice jazzy sax weaving throughout.

On For You has a punchier backbeat but already the vocal style is becoming evident. Jazz guitar features prominently in the very nice In Love With You.  Indeed strong jazz influences throughout both in instumentation but vocal style, none more so than on Journey, the title track.

Still Hurting is my personal favourite with a heartfelt lyric, cool vibe and strong vocals.

Wicked World is funkier and a different direction than the tracks thus far, but still retaining the sax, a touch of Sade in there. Cold Wind Blowsis different again an impassioned acoustic with haunting melody and chorus line.

Waiting For My Man, I like very much, altogether funkier, and also worth mentioning at this juncture that the lyrics and songwriting is strong too. Walk Away is also reminiscent of Sade, especially on the hook.

The Voice concludes with a beautiful ballad.

Just a small point the key instruments featured, guitar, sax, trumpet are very prominent and work really well but against the synthesised rhythm tracks the production overall comes over just a tad weak on some tracks.  But all in all, especially the vocals and the direction  makes this more than worthwhile, whilst being predominantly jazzy there are journeys into different areas to help retain interest and diversity.

Tracks – Fly Away 2 On For You 3 In Love With You 4 Journey 5 Still Hurting 6 Wicked World 7 Cold Wind Blows 8 Waiting For My Man 9 Walk Away 10 A Day In Paradise 11 The Voice


Links – douyetheartist.com

Beautifully texturing her pure, sultry and smoky vocals with a sensual, jazzy musical style, Nigerian born, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Douye’ continues to broaden her base of appreciative and passionate fans all over the world.

Growing up influenced by such jazz and R&B legends as Peggy Lee, Ray Charles, Billie Holliday, Stevie Wonder and Sade, the multi-faceted performer began singing in church at the age of seven and quickly began focusing on her future as a professional singer. By age ten, she was expressing her innermost emotions in poetry, which led naturally to her development as a compelling songwriter.

In her mid-teens, she traveled to Europe to pursue her growing musical dreams, and she later immigrated to the United States to study voice at the acclaimed Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

After graduating from MI, Douye’ continued honing her singing, songwriting and musical direction, becoming a prolific writer and performing for audiences at clubs throughout Los Angeles. While working towards her ultimate goal of becoming a recording artist, she hit it off creatively with Terry Shaddick, a renowned pop songwriter and producer well known for co-writing Olivia Newton John’s era defining smash “Physical.”

Coming to share a singular vision, Douye and Shaddick penned the songs that would launch Douye’s recording career on the newly released, appropriately titled debut album Journey. The title is a perfect reflection of Douye’s musical and life experiences leading up to her exciting emergence as an independent singer/songwriter. To this day, she complements her musicmaking with deep passions for writing poetry and collecting primitive art.


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