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Barack Obama/Fela Kuti – Black President


Now that the smoke has cleared, the lights have dimmed just a bit and deep, deep breaths have been taken, we can start to ponder the fact that America has elected its first BLACK PRESIDENT. New York based Photographer/Artist Dwayne Rodgers has created a Barack Obama/Fela Kuti mash-up image to commemorate the victory of President-elect Barack Hussein Obama.

Always on the leading edge of culture/music/fashion, Okayplayer caught up with the artist less than 24 hours after election results were announced. Go to Okayplayer.com for full the interview where the artist talks about some of the fresh and fascinating ideas behind the image. (Hint: revolutionaries are involved.)

Then make your way to www.dwaynerodgers.com/blackpresident for the webstore. 10% of proceeds will go to progressive political causes. Let the work begin. Let the work continue. In the meantime…shop, baby! Shop!

Get with it, and pass it on…


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