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Womex wrap, Big Daddy Kane, and Wayna Week,

– Vol 1, Issue 1

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Friends and Fam
So I finally went to Womex. Don’t know what took me so long. This conference is a place not only to network, make deals but you can discover a ton of great music from all over the world…. So Womex stands for World Music Expo but….World music is everything these days. It is not genre specific or have any limitations. It’s anything with ‘an accent’ or anything that’s outside of the region you live in. It’s much broader and reaches wider audiences now than the traditional folklore, celtic and indigenous music in the past…..Thus- Womex had its biggest year ever- with an increase in exhibition stands and attendees…Of course it certainly helped that it was held in Sevilla, Spain- a gorgeous City… I felt very relaxed at this conference. There was no stress. You could actually see the people you wanted to, make time to tour all the stands or a good portion of, attend panels and see practically all the showcases….The above is unheard of if you attend CMJ, SXSW and or Midem…. I’ve heard it’s almost doable at PopKomm although I haven’t attended in years so I can’t comment… Everyone at Womex is super friendly. There is no pretense, no attitude and everyone there absolutely hands down loves the music and culture….

I had a tremendous learning experience, ate some amazing food, toasted and drank great wine, some great musical discoveries and made new friends. What else could you want. I also had a one on one candid conversation with the Director Gerald Seligman. Gosh- to think I’ve barely had a minute with the directors of Midem and I’ve attended that conference for 16 years…

Next year Womex will be in Copenhagen. Not quite the same as Spain but I highly recommend looking into attending and if you’re an artist- you should submit for showcase consideration….

My favorite performances: Miguel Poveda(Flamenco). Speed Caravan(Algerian/Morocco/France). LA 33(Columbia). Magnifico(Slovenia). Los Rumbers from Spain. Astillero(Argentina). I was disappointed to have missed David Walters from France. Everyone was talking about him…. Also— disappointed that Side Stepper and La Pupuna canceled.

I must say- I was met with a bit of resistance. A few folks came up to me and said “What are you doing here’- You’re the Hip Hop/Urban chick”. I quickly put them in their place. I did meet quite a few contacts who had lots of International Hip Hop to hip me to and…Since I present a lot of shows and always like to be ‘The First’– there will be some of those acts I discovered coming here…..I can promise you that….

Check my Facebook for photos- I have 6 Spanish albums… My personal highlights: Hanging with Felix Hines – I finally had a moment to have a drink w/ him…. Received over 150 CD’s that I need to desperately listen to. Trying to speak Spanish with a French accent. No Fiona…. Eating Arroz Con Bogovante- OMG Drinking lots of Rioja….Why is the Rioja over there way better than here. Taking the 23 bus from Eduardo Dato to Fibes. Being interviewed by Korean TV. Partying with the NZ folks. Having a cup of tea and a twix w/ Mr. Bongo. Chugging down that Barack Palinka- damn it’s strong!. Having great Tapas with Ben Herson, Juaa, and Piers.

So I’m going back to Womex. I’m also thinking about PortoMusical in Feb in Recife, Brazil…. Sonar in Barcelona. SXSW always….. and if the rumour is correct- PopKomm in Cologne!

Hopefully by now you’ve all heard Wayna’s name somewhere. She has 2 great albums out. The first called ‘Moments of Clarity’ and the sophomore release just out called ‘Higher Ground’.
Her first single off ‘Higher Ground’ called ‘My Love’ has been climbing up the Billboard singles chart and peaked at #2 on the R&B/Hip Hop…. I just got a sneak peak of the video. Wait till you see it!! We will have a NY Premiere on Tuesday, November 18th at SUTRA along with a listening of the new Strictly Social Mixed Volume 2 by DJ Myxzlplix That will be a hot night…
Wayna’s almost through her FYE tour dates….Signing, playing and talking about the music. It ends Nov 16th in Fair Oaks, VA in case anyone wants to come by…
Wayna just performed at an ONUTSS event last night at Billie Black’s that was hot…
There’s also a listening party – Indie Soul Brunch on Sunday, Nov 16th- 2PM at SIP LOUNGE…..That’s always a fun hang… It’s produced by the crew at MIHE… Shouts to Danny…
Then we have Tillman’s Lounge- Performance at 10PM on Monday, Nov 17th…It’s the Marksmen night. Big ups Justine for making that happen…. And… the eagerly anticipated long awaited video screening of ‘My Love’.... A Strictly Social NYC event. SUTRA– Tuesday, Nov 18th….. We’ll be listening to the new Strictly Social Mixed Volume 2. remixed by DJ Myxzlplix
Come party with us…..It’s Wayna week!!!

2 great shows tomorrow night! Big Daddy Kane’s 20th Anniversary at BB Kings. I so can’t wait for this…..and afterwards- the party continues with The Blue Note late night series featuring Soul Cycle. These guys are great. I’ve seen them a few times…
Don’t forget to check my blog... Shouts to Kissey Asplund, Miz Metro, Elida from Dirty Fuzz and Dred Scott for keeping it fresh!
I will start featuring interviews and tidbits you’ll only read on my blog so stay tuned and keep reading…

Ladies love Heston! If you come out to one of his performances- you’ll understand what I mean…. I still remember so vividly his chilling performance of ‘Good Morning America’ at The Soultracks Music Awards in Detroit.
Exciting news:::: Heston’s been nominated for a BETJ Virtual Award.…The 1st ever Awards show will be televised on BETJ on November 25th and will also be broadcast over internet on BET.com….
Please show your support by voting for Heston here….
He is performing at Sugar Hill tonight and St. Louis at Sol Lounge on December 6th. He’ll also be back in NY at the Blue Note– Jan 31st…. His debut ‘Storyteller’ is out now….Download a copy(legally of course). Don’t forget to vote!!!

I’ve been hosting this series since the inception along with my partner in crime Les Clarke. It’s been really fun and I get to witness and discover some really great musical talent…Some of the best on the World Soul scene! Nu-Soul Series is produced by Purpose Records and Edclectic Entertainment….
The next one is Saturday, November 15th at Frank’s Lounge in Fort Greene. Another reason why I love it- it’s literally down the street:-)
A performance by Tomas Doncker who Tom Paul turned me on to and I’ve heard nothing but great things ever since….Can’t wait to see him perform…. Also on the bill from D.C – another fave of mine- KUKU..…He always gives a chilling performance….
And a listening party for Kameron Corvet’s Korporate Rockstar….I heard this a few months back and simply love it! I hear he’s going to do a special performance also…. So with that said- I suggest getting there early! It’s going to be a special night and a hot one! Plus- I’m on the mic so I can shout you out!!!! Doors at 8PM

Singer/Songwriter Kate Schutt has impressed World Cafe Live with her melodies, vocal abilities and dynamic songs….This artist has 2 albums out… Her debut ‘No Love Lost’ and now ‘Telephone Game’ which will have a hard launch early next year…
She’s been doing a residency at World Cafe Live Jazz Brunch Series.…She has a killer trio….These last 2 dates- Sunday, November 16th and December 14th will see John Ellis on Sax, Alan Ferber on Trombone and Jason Faulkner the 17 year old drummer phenom from Philly….
Get your tickets now!

I dealt with Alex at SOB’s and he’s moved on to start his company called Move Forward.…We wish him all the success in the world and I look forward to our first collaboration and many more to come…
His first– Wednesday, November 19th….Knitting Factory. It’s going to be smoking….3 Live Hip Hop acts….. You already know them but when have you seen them rock full gear!!! Amanda Diva, Blitz The Ambassador, and Che Grand.… I got to witness Blitz at our Global Hip Hop event at CMJ at DROM and that was bananas!!! Incredible….Can’t wait to see it again and…..I’ve seen Amanda Diva for years….Ever since booking late nights at Joe’s Pub where she would come through and rock! How she’s evolved since then- wow! I have yet to see Che Grand....This is going to be a hot event so I’d encourage getting tickets ahead……Bring your phones, your cameras as- it will be only a few shows left before Knitting Factory closes!

Can’t believe we’re almost through this year! We have a new President!!!! I am so excited about what’s around the corner.. Despite how bleak the economy is we will pull through this!!!

All I can say is– thank god for creativity and passion….Where would I be without it…..Who would I be? Thanks for your continued support…

Anything is possible! We can Own Ours….. Yes We Can!!!!


The Bloom Effect

email: fiona@thebloomeffect.com


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