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Producers: call for entries … also, Feb. 27, 2009

LISTEN AND EXCHANGEtm contest is accepting entries NOW …

“Urban Edition.”


PLEASE forward this email to your friends & colleagues.


hip hop producers, urban music, dedra davis


Become a LISTEN AND EXCHANGEtm “friend” and click:

Many exciting changes to the LISTEN AND EXCHANGEtm event weekend.

Below are a few:

In 2009, the “URBAN EDITION” will have only three (3) winners, and there will be 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.

HUGE CHANGE: The attendees will select the 1st place winner, 2nd place winner and 3rd place winner, from the 3 finalists.


The 2009 Worldwide Music Producers’ LISTEN AND EXCHANGEtm event will be held at Doubletree Hotel at the Allen Center, Houston, Texas.
Check out www. LISTENANDEXCHANGE. com for updates. A lot is changing.


Entertainment Attorney Dedra Davis
http://www. musiclw. com, www. myspace. com/dedradavis DEDRADAVIS@musiclw.com

Let “this” MUSIC LAWYER, handle “your” MUSIC LAW issues!!!

Click the following link to become a myspace friend with Dedra Davis:


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