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Bukola – Hypnotised (Domu & Marc Mac Remixes)

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Hypnotised is the official single taken from Bukola’s debut album Which Way.

The undergound UK Soul Sensation has teamed up with Domu and Mark Mac (4 Hero) for two fresh remixes.

My preference is for the stripped back Marc Max remix, which gives the vocal more edge against the sparser beat and easy yet strong vibe.

The Domu mix is kind of irritating sadly.

Info: –

Bukola began exploring her own voice and style with the deep rough soulful tones of Repeat Ophenda. In 2003 Bukola met D’Syfa and they quickly began building up a large catalogue of songs. Acting as a great catalyst to each other they have evolved and grown together, constantly refining skills, learning new ones, and always surprising each other.

With the unusual soulful, break beat, hip-hop style; each song is it’s own masterpiece. Every song is very different from the last, and Bukola is always trying new things.

In June 2004 Bukola’s debut single, ‘the Voodoo EP’ was released. In December 2004 Bukola ventured out to South Africa and filmed a video for the track ‘Keep High’. Whilst out there Bukola managed to get a few performances in and around Johannesburg, including a a live show on Metro FM, and a live PA at Citrus Lounge. The reception was great – Bukola found some good friends and wonderful audiences .

In January 2005 ‘All City EP’ was released, this was a four track EP featuring the previous release with two added tracks, ‘Keep High’ and ‘Cupid’.

The Bukola Project then re-located to Cyprus for seven months. During this time Bukola and D’Syfa worked on new material and the team filmed a video for the track ‘Secret Prayer’. The ‘All City EP’ was promoted during this time and the track ‘Keep High’ was regularly play-listed on ‘Mix FM’ and ‘Radio Napa’.

In December 2005, Bukola and D’Syfa once again ventured out to South Africa to finalise the editing of the ‘Secret Prayer’ video. Whilst in Johannesburg they managed to squeeze in some memorable and well received performances at ‘The Horror Café’, ‘Back 2 Basics’, ‘Songwriters Club’, ‘Citrus Lounge’, and the ‘Fuel Bar’. Bukola continued to rock the place as a warm up act for MXO, South Africa’s award winning afro jazz funk band, performing in the heart of Johannesburg at an all day AIDS/HIV awareness festival ‘When life Happens’.

During 2006, Bukola spent time writing and recording material for her debut album, and tested these out with the odd live performance………

In 2007 the album was finalised, and went through a radio campaign with Outpost media which led up the release in October. This was marked by an Album Launch at The Luminaire in North London, where we performed the album live with a 5 piece band. It was an uplifting night and well-received by all

Then, things did not run so smoothly and in November 2007 the Goya Music distribution company folded. Luckily Timewarp loved the ‘Bukola Project’ and took over Goya’s role. Timewarp’s enthusiasm drew much interest both in the UK and abroad. However, the ride was not so smooth again and Timewarp folded. Kudos then picked up the baton.

In December 2007 Bukola headed back to SA where they filmed the video for ‘Hypnotised’ and preformed once again at various venues with great response.

During 2008, due to a family bereavement, Bukola took some time to reflect and re-coup.

In the very near future, Bukola will be releasing a physical and digital single from the album ‘Which Way’ entitled ‘Hypnotised’. The release will feature the original album mix, supported with remixes from the infamous Marc Mac (4hero) and Domu (Treble O). There will also be extra reinforcement in the way of a video courtesy of Unleashed.


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