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Sean Rasul – Ghetto Child

Ghetto Child
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Review – Probably more hip hop orientated than the last album, but the visual patterns portrayed through the visions, the poetry, the mood and the theme come across very strongly.

The piece is very much conceptual, and the words illustrative. It mostly is very visual, with the laid back poetry and rhymes setting the scene and flowing quite nicely.  Occasionally eg on Hooked it veers into the more derivative, but by and large it is fresh and deliberate.

The next soldier is slightly different with almost a reggae, kinda funky vibe,otherwise it is broadly poetry an hip hop, before building into the closing8 minute ‘epic’ which is harder where the conclusions are drawn on the piece.

Links –http://www.myspace.com/seanrasul


Info – Sean Rasul is an independent artist from Chicago, Illinois.  Born and raised on Chicago’s West Side (Division and Central), his journey began “back in the day” when he would freestyle with friends on inner-city blocks.  He has since written countless songs and poems and has performed spoken word pieces on stages in the United States and Japan.  His musical and inspirational seeds have been planted as far as the United Kingdom and France.  He has shared stages with Fat Joe, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and Geno Young.

Sean draws inspiration from his ancestors, his experiences, the successes and failures of others, places he’s been, and from studying life, using that inspiration to paint a picture.  Like it or not, he puts the picture on display.  His success is defined by the mere fact that he is actually doing what he loves.

Rasul released his debut album, The Showcase (Country Cool), in March of 2005.  The album was produced entirely by Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer, Madukwu Chinwah, who also created hits for Erykah Badu, N’Dambi, and many others. The album was an inspiring effort that blended old and new school musical elements and featured wonderful spoken word poetry, hip-hop, and smooth urban grooves.

Sean Rasul’s new album, Ghetto Child (Live Root/WRIMG), features more hip-hop, a few spoken word pieces, and soulful/experimental jams.  With guest appearances from Big Sid & LD of Playaz Choice, proteges Neri & Alexis, KaDi of Kinetic Soul Entertainment, and solid production from Texas producers Chinwah (Dallas), Michael Duque (Austin), Yung Chill (Houston), and German based Kemo of Evocators, Ghetto Child demonstrates significant growth for the driven and determined artist.


One thought on “Sean Rasul – Ghetto Child

  1. That’s my boy!!!! We go way back!!!! Back to the land of the rising sun to SA TX. I stand by Sean Rasul 100%. You will not find any artist in today’s world more inspirational than Sean!!! You can check my main man out on Myspace, Facebook, etc…. Stop in an listen and you will see what your missing!!!! Many blessing my brother and keep drop your thang!!!!


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