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Anonamas – Truth Thru Fiction

Truth Thru Fiction
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Review – well this one passed me by from 2006 until I had the opporunity to meet Anonamas a couple of months ago. What comes across immediately is a vibe, a laid back, stripped back hip hop vibe with soul and with conscience. The beats laid down by jewels of Sunz of Soul compliment the delivery and word craft of Anonamas perfectly.

This Moment sets the scene, the tempo is never great, which leaves you able to get inside the lyricism and poetry. Using guest rappers where appropriate but Anonamas is in control.

An album that you can just vibe or chill too but equally at a stronger level can get inside.

Links – http://www.infinitesoulmusic.com/

Info – Anonamas is – words, lyrics, and song, with a simplistic vibe, a hip hop beat, and a strong message. Anonamas is taking hip hop/R&B down an unmarked trail, on the cusp of the Neo Soul era. This native of the Eastern Shore of Maryland has always had a passion for music and a gift for words. Many have compared her style to that of Jill Scott, the groove of Lauryn Hill, and the mysticism of Les Nubians, -yet its an original sound. Having this, with the collaborations of melody (she can carry a tune!!) will leave a lasting impression on any listener who loves hip-hop/soul and well thought out lyrics.. Anonamas’s up and coming CD – TRUTH THRU FICTION depicts life and stories, through the eyes of a young black woman- encountering life and its day to day endeavors, with songs ranging from love to the inner most thoughts of the world through her eyes. With thought provoking lyrics and a phat*ss beat – which is produced by Jewels from the Sunz of Soul, this album is a demonstration of the next level hip-hop/R&B will take.

The fusion of Jewels beats with Anonamas’s lyrics complements each other quite well, its almost hypnotic. From the moment you start the CD you will have experience SOUL music. This complete composition embodies all facets of life, anyone anywhere can relate to the experiences Anonamas sings about. She puts an unusual spin on lyrics, and allows the listener to stop and think about the ups and downs of emotions, as portrayed in the song “GIFT OF PAIN – “Anxiety has taken me from highs to lows, peace will come before I’m done. But for today I posses none”. She paints a picture of a childhood crush in the song titled “LITTLE GIRLS PLEA”, and even the strength given by God in the song titled STILL HERE. These and many other songs have their own message, and persona all its own, Truth thru Fiction is more than just a one dimensional experience, its an awakening.

Check out her video for “This Moment” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXWRWqhejyc

Sunz of Soul – Birth of a movement

Also check out the related album bu Sunz of Soul an execellent album of contemporary real hip hop, especially tracks like Yeah Ya’ll, Hard times, Bass and Treble and Footsteps written by and featuring Anonamas.

An excellent solid and consistent album.

Birth of a Movement

Info – Birth of A Movement, the sophomore release from Sunz of Soul, is not just another hip-hop CD, it’s an experience that could possibly serve as the catalyst that converts hip-hop into a true art form. It’s the fourth commercial release and the fifth overall project released by Infinite Soul Music, the label that prides itself on artistic integrity.

The project is best described as an eclectic, soulful journey through the Sunz’ inner mind’s eyes–accented with timely, pertinent social and political assessments and commentary.

Jewels filters his signature urban thump into a bona fide soul-sonic force, while Blak Mamba waxes prophetic and poetic over undiluted soul tracks. The duo’s chemistry, dexterity, and hip-hop acumen is boldly brandished as they launch banger after banger in an unrelenting barrage of pure hip-hop soul.

Birth of a Movement is a collection of 16 possible lead singles of varying tempo, content, and intensity. There is no filler-material on the project.

“1st Things First,” on Birth of a Movement the Sunz of Soul take you on a soulful journey that tells you “Just How it Is” with colorful language, head-nod-inducing beats and a chemistry that makes the project a true monster. “It’s So Hard” to put the experience into words, so let me take “2” seconds to compose a proper description.

It’s really about real life experiences. Not the dramatic shock and awe hood-tales that have become almost a caricature of themselves, but epic depictions of “Life and Love” that people from all walks of life can relate to and believe.

You will never be inclined to skip a track, although you may need to adjust your “Bass and Treble” to maintain the integrity of the perpetual groove. A stark departure from the mindless clowns who are “Sayin Nuthin,” this one-hour soul tutorial emphatically confirms that Blak Mamba and Jewels are “On Some Other” ish!

Sunz of Soul follows the “Footsteps” of acts like The Roots, Common, and A Tribe Called Quest in delivering material that’s off the beaten path, yet appeals to all who crave substance in their hip-hop. “Don’t Sleep!”


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