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National Black History Anthem

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A New Song, “All Over the Place” Answers That Question and Is Being Coined the New National Black History Anthem;  Track Is Expected to be “Household” by February

All Over The Place called National Black History Anthem.
Louisville, KY- December 2, 2008 Hip hop soul artist D. Mawl is receiving national approval from radio execs, journalists, historians, the community and music lovers alike.  D. Mawl offers a timeless track with “All Over the Place”, which recounts the inventions and contributions that African-Americans have made to this world.  The song focuses on little known facts about inventors like Sarah Boone (ironing board), Jan Matzeliger (shoe shaper) and John A. Burr (rotary blade lawn mower). The track has been featured on syndicated radio with Russ Parr, as well as other radio and news shows.  “All Over the Place” has been requested by Black history programs, museums and organizations throughout the country.  Various school boards have also requested the song as a teaching tool in the classroom.  “All Over the Place” is available for review and download by clicking HERE.  Click HERE to view the featured video on YouTube.

The urban youth is a very influential audience and are the future leaders of this world.  D. Mawl, who is the father of three, clearly understands this and wants to ensure that his children and their peers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to succeed.  He also understands the distinct correlation between music and learning.  “People, not only children, learn from music.  That’s why I created this upbeat song dropping Black history facts,” says D. Mawl.  “We often hear about Malcolm X, Dr. MLK and Rosa Parks. It is also important that we praise others, like inventors, who paved the way as well. Everyone, young and old, can listen and learn from ‘All Over the Place’.”  D. Mawl has performed this song for youth groups, civic organizations, schools and themed corporate events.

For more information, appearances and media inquiries, please contact Keisha Pickett at keisha@pickettpr.com or (813)903-9247.

To hear D. Mawl’s music, please visit http://www.dmawl.com or http://www.myspace.com/dmawldro.  Music is readily available for fans, DJs, radio stations and other outlets.

About Soul LinQ:
Soul LinQ Productions is dedicated to producing quality music with talented artists throughout the Midwest region.  The Soul LinQ roster includes hip hop soul artist D. Mawl, gospel singer Adrianne Archie and neo-soul artist Carlis P.  Soul LinQ Productions was founded in 2001 by D. Mawl, Carlis Phillips and Corlan Phillips.  Soul LinQ previously hosted live jam sessions at the legendary Java House in Louisville, KY  and used the outlet to showcase the label talent and other local artists from Louisville.  For more information, visit


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