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Chris Rob’s Dec. Newsletter- The Blue Note/Happy Holidays!

Chris Rob’s Newsletter Vol. 6
crock 3December 2008

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12/27/08,  New York, NY    The Blue Note

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keys in the glasses Happy Holidays
Peace to all of my people…it has been a beautiful year, in spite of all that they want us to believe. They say we are in the midst of a recession, I see opportunity for people to unite and find common ground as they pursue their dreams in struggling times. They say racism is alive and well, and I see one of the greatest leaders of our time headed to the White House, about to unify the world through unforeseen acts of love. (Yo, how cool would it have been if President Bush had used those quick reflexes he displayed in the shoe attack incident during 9-11 or Katrina?) 2009 is going to be a powerful year. My new album “Mental Notes” is headed to you, and I will be right behind it in your city to spread it’s message with some crazy musicians along for the ride. I have some very special guests on my project, and I look forward to blowin’ up the music scene this coming year! Stay posted to these newsletters for the upcoming dates, and as always check out the websites for more info. Next up, I perform at the Blue Note just 2 nights after Christmas at the late night show. You can click on the picture above to make reservations now. Thank you for staying tuned, and I wish you all a stress-free, love filled, hot music blastin’, good food eatin’, uplifting, sexy and fun-filled holiday and prosperous new Year! Block the haters mid-sentence in 2009!
Spread love.

Be Peace,
Chris Rob, Soul Soldier Entertainment


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