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Tracy Cruz – Feel’osophy


A strong and consistent album with multiple good tracks, such is the quality of indie albums these days, you just gotta deliver…..and this one does.

Emotional Love for me is the top cut, great instrumentation and beats, lots going on without being overcrowded, plenty of drive with a neo come r’n’b feel.

Can’t Change Me is also a great track, jazzier and funkier but still against an R’n’B backbeat, and one that is capable of appealing to different generations and genres.

The duet I breathe you is a love ballad full of emotional contact.  A better day is also stong, upbeat and optimistic,

Let Me Sing, a lighter kind of tune, maybe more instant is not far behind either.

The song writing is strong and covers lots of emotions, thoughts and feelings, some of them personal I would suggest.

Great contemporary R’n’B/ Soul for now.

Tracks -1 Nothing in this World2 Let Me Sing3 Emotional Love4 My Valentine 5 I Breathe You 6 Son-Shine 7  Expression Sensation 8 Your Dreams 9 Blue Eyes 10 Can’t Change Me11 Weathered Down12 A Better Day 13 Amigo 14 Waited For You 15 Take Me  16 Don’t Leave
Links – http://www.tracycruz.com/

Info -From her presence to her music to her life’s path, Tracy Cruz has become one of the most galvanizing, all-natural wonders. Wherever she goes, she wows and astounds. Strong melodies, catchy hooks, introspective lyrics, and lush arrangements characterize Tracy’s soul/jazz/R&B creations. At knee high, Tracy started blessing stages at the age of twelve, competing in talent competitions and coming home with trophies. 15 years later, she continues to capture the hearts and ears of many through her powerful voice and memorable melodies. As a mother, wife, songwriter, and performer, some wonder how she managed such a sweet comeback; but she didn’t do it alone.

Through the musical inspirations of Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Sarah Vaughn, and Ledisi, Tracy Cruz has blended her favorite distinctive vocal styles to create her own rare sound. As the primary songwriter, she brings her personal observations and experiences on love and life with eloquent storytelling and vivid imagery to her songs. Her album “Feel’osophy” – (released September 23, 2008) – is the study of emotions through musical words and sounds. The 16 track album encompasses all layers of feeling such as joy, sorrow, anger, excitement, and hope.  Tracy Cruz and executive producer Allen Ross purposely used different vocal styles and musical arrangements to truly capture a world of emotion. Listeners will take an emotional journey of wonder through “Blue Eyes,” hope with “Don’t Leave,” and passion with “Expression Sensation.”  All songs were either written solely or collaboratively by Tracy Cruz or Allen Ross, with Ross remaining the musical producer. This album is a clear cut statement about the true power of divine love through the journey of life. The past few years have been a whirlwind of sorts for Tracy. This album serves as tremendous representation of a struggle that she powerfully deems “beautiful.” Despite the trials and tribulations of her personal life, Tracy Cruz has simply not lost her “spiritual being.”

Lead siren Tracy Cruz and luscious band “Smooth Session” have graced many stages such as the 102.9 FM KBLX Soul Music Festival at the Chronicle Pavilion, Maxwell’s Lounge, Voodoo Lounge, Straits Restaurant, Santana Row, Marilyn’s on K, San Jose and San Francisco’s Juneteenth Festival, Ninhonmachi Street Festival, Agenda Lounge, Hotel Valencia, Temple Bar,  Sofa Lounge, MACLA Theatre, Fanny and Alexanders, and many more. The strong, eclectic army never fail to rock the party and seductively charm a crowd. Though a young lady, Tracy is already a seasoned veteran of the industry.  She was a background vocalist for soul singer Ledisi (Verve/Universal).  She has opened up for Apl de Apl of the Black Eyed Peas at the 4th Annual Asian Heritage Festival in San Francisco. In April 2005, Tracy released an EP entitled “ILLUMINATE LOVE,” which was entirely produced by Allen Ross. Her song “For You,” featuring Kanetic Source, former emcee of Grammy Award winning hip hop/latin group Ozomatli, has accumulated national recognition and over 50,000 plays on internet websites like Myspace and Soundclick. She was a special guest vocalist for “World Musikahan with Ryan Cayabyab” show which was shown globally on ABC-CBN television network.

Tracy has rocked the stage alongside Martin Luther, Crown City Rockers, the Fingerbangerz Crew, Breakestra, Pep Love, Living Legends, and Zion I. Tracy is featured as a guest vocalist on Esoin’s (hip hop artist) album “Overdue Books”, Allen Ross’ Christmas compilation “Keys to Christmas” and Lil’ Lala’s (hip hop artist) album “Life After Death: My Life, My Story.” She has been a background vocalist for neo-soul artist Adesha and the band “Seven.” Honing her writing skills and developing a unique vocal style, she has come up with an album that has the ability to captivate the emotions and attention of listeners of different ages and all walks of life.


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