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Nahjai Soul awaited release has arrived


Nahjai Soul

Soul Therapy Album Release
Nahjai Soul is a soulful songtress from Atlanta Georgia born and raised. Like many great vocalists Nahjai Soul is here to claim her part in history. Soul Therapy has been a long awaited release and is now available for your listening pleasure.

The album encourages, uplifts and has a little of everything you need from something you can groove to as well as thought provoking lyrics. It is Nahjai’s continued mission to share her gift with the world. Nahjai Soul is a independent artist, business woman, sister, daughter, friend and pure and simply just like you. Don’t miss out on your piece of Soul Therapy.

Album Reviews:
Arlesia Crooms of GioVairres Galleries of Art described Nahjai Soul’s sound after hearing her perform live:
“To even remotely begin understanding Nah-Jai Soul’s sound, one must first trudge up vicious multi-lane I – 85 towards Atlanta, Georgia on foot in the middle of a hot, humid southern summer day.
After coming to the point of near collapse and as sweat stings the eyes and drenches the skin and as the soul squeezes out its receding remains whilst parched Death seems to linger nearby ready to steal what’s left and all seems utterly lost as Atlanta creeps into view, a small dive-bar around the corner makes itself known and beckons.
Then, upon walking into the dim, cool dive bar, a sax begins playing sweet and savvy and the bartender brings over an ice-cold beer and then, after the first sip – after letting out that big, relieved “aaahhhh…” – you will finally know what it’s like to listen to Nah-Jai Soul.”

Dedicated Fans wrote:

“awesome jazzy song…awesome jazzy vocals…awesome jazzy keys. keep up the great work.”

“Good Job I support you all the way keep up the good work”
“omg girl u are awesome! trust me when i say that. i only like greats, and i would be a fan of you!”
“Hey Nahlai, may the good Lord keep you and bless you abundantly! Love this song”
“Truely the most talented artist to date desides Mary but not to be compared for she is a very unique and down to earth person with a beautiful personality and a good sense of humor. A true friend I met on soundclick.com that’s very busy at times but will take the time out to respond to the many, many emails of her adoring fans, I hope to meet you in person real soon and can not wait for my copy of Soul Therapy, autographed of course”

Free Nahjai Soul Poster
visit www.nahjaisoul.com and order your copy of
the Soul therap CD and receive a free poster. This offer is availale until the end of Janurary. Posters are limited.

Music Available On:


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