Injoy News

InJoy News
March 3, 2009


Welcome to this week’s newsletter!!!

Has everyone here in the Northeast gotten through our snowstorm okay? Now we just have to get through this bitter cold. Don’t worry Saturday it’ll be 50 degrees. Hopefully that means Spring will be on the way.

No worries though because we have information and events in this week’s newsletter to keep you warm until spring gets here.

Please read on…

In this issue

  • InJoy~OutJoy: Prayer Works
  • Listen to – It’s a full day
  • The Rendezvous – Recap & Preview
  • Dates to Save!!!!
  • Grooveology/Indie Soul Brunch
  • Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Listen to – It’s a full day

    Take some time to log onto It’s Urban Eclectic Internet Radio playing music from Black Rock to Hip Hop and everything in between.

    We have great music from Commercial artists while featuring a heavy dose of independent artists. We have the most diverse music mix you will find anywhere and we’re playing music that you won’t hear anywhere else.

    Today we have the sonic gumbo of Musical Pathways on from 2 -5pm with some classic hip hop tracks and some current treats as well. Tonight from Midnight – 2am it’s the original Rhythm And Soul Radio program with Marko Nobles & DJ King James. They’ll have great music and special guests including Blues, Funk, Rock Band Sound Frontier and Hip Hop artist Miss Nana.

    Throughout the day it’s great music to keep you going.

    We are a source of entertainment and information for you. We are Urban Eclectic Internet Radio, Make sure you tune in.

    The Rendezvous – Recap & Preview

    The Rendezvous is the definitely the place to be in NYC on the last Monday of the month. the most recent edition of The Rendezvous on February 23rd was OFF THE HOOK!!!

    It was another packed house at Shrine World Music Venue in Harlem as Supa DJ King James got the night kicked off wth some head noddin joints.

    The the performances began with straight fiya as Imessiah Soul rocked with two song from her upcoming cd.

    Then the wonderful Nakia Henry brought her style of Country-fied soul and spoken word to the stage as she blazed through some of the tracks from her new cd “Remember Me”

    It was cold outside but the temperature inside Shrine just got hotter because Kojo Modibo Sun hit the stage and rocked out. They were joined on their last song by Nakia Henry for a building shaking gospel rooted song that had the audience jammin’ and testifyin’

    And then it was time for the featured performers of the evening …Planet Ubiquity didn’t just perform they provided an experience. It was a multimedia performance with video playing behind them while they rocked the stage. Planet Ubiquity took hold of the audience and transported them to their world and had them going crazy to their unique brand of hip hop.

    The night concluded with everyone on a high and dancing to the music spun by Supa DJ King James. It became a party on a Monday Night!!! (That’s what we do!)

    Every Month it’s hard to imagine how The Rendezvous could get better but that is also part of the fun. And we have yet another incredible show lined up for March.

    The next edition of The Rendezvous will take place on Monday, March 30th, at Shrine World Music Venue, 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. bet. 133rd & 134th Streets . It’s the end of Women’s History Month and all our artists for the evening are talented female performers. Our featured artist will be the incredible singer, songwriter, producer, instrumentalist Monet!!!!

    Also performing at our next edition of The Rendezvous will be:

    • the fabulousLeisa Johnson aka Dakota Grey
    • Mellika Miller
    • … and Poetica.

    Supa DJ King James, as usual, will keep you groovin throughout the night with the hottest mix of current and classic jointsMake sure you’re with us for the next edition of The Rendezvous on Monday, March 30th at Shrine World Music Venue, 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd, bet. 133rd & 134th Streets.

    Admission is only $10.00 at the door. Doors open at 6:00pm and performances begin at 7:30. Plan to get there early to get your seat and enjoy Great people, a fantastic Venue, good food and live performances from some of the hottest independent artists in music!

    Dates to Save!!!!
    We have a number of special events that we are either producing or heavily involved with that you need to be aware of and place on your calendar. Here are a few:

    Saturday, March 28th – Women’s History Month Salute to Lauryn Hill. Featuring some of the industry’s top female independent artists coming together and performing “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill ” LP in full as a salute to Ms. Hill.

    Sunday, June 21st – Real Men Cook 2009

    It’s the 20th anniversary of the country’s largest event saluting Father’s Day. InJoy Enterprises is producing the New York event this year and it’s going to be great. Men if you are interested in being a volunteer chef please contact us. All are welcome to volunteer and participate in any other capacity including performing, promoting, sponsoring, etc. Just contact us!

    September 24 – 27 – International Soul Music Summit – is once again headed to Atlanta, GA to broadcast live from the largest conference dedicated to Soul Music. The organizers of the event have many plans in store for this weekend and so do we so stay tuned on this one.

    Grooveology/Indie Soul Brunch
    Sundays, experience an afternoon of great music and fabulous brunch at SIP Lounge on Amsterdam Avenue between 109th & 110th Streets.

    DJ Dan C.E. provides some of the best music to have brunch by. Music by artists that you don’t hear on regular radio you can enjoy at SIP Lounge. The only radio station where you can hear the music played at SIP is on during the Indie Soul Brunch, which is recorded every Sunday at SIP.

    Every Sunday afternoon provides great food, a cozy atmosphere, great music and special guest DJ’s and artists. Every last Sunday of the month, DJ BlackIcon1 of’s Musical Pathways joins DJ Dan C.E. to provide new levels of Grooveology for your Sunday afternoon.

    Get Your Soul Brunch and Grooveology on with DJ Dan C.E. Sundays at SIP Lounge, Amsterdam Avenue bet. 109th & 110th Streets.

    Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities
    InJoy Enterprises continues to grow and expand. We want you to grow with us. We are extending an opportunity for anyone who would like to advertise to an audience around the corner or around the world.

    If you have goods or service that you would like to promote to an active and loyal consumer market, we can help.

    We have cost effective packages that will allow you to promote your products, goods and services to consumers at our live events like The Rendezvous, email marketing, website banner ads and worldwide through our internet radio station, We can truly provide one stop shopping at a manageable price so that you can maximize your promotion efforts.

    Call or email us now to take advantage of our special plans that allow you to repeat your message to our audience over 3 months, 6 months or a full year.

    We would love to talk to you and work with you in providing the best platform to promote your product or service. For more information please email Marko Nobles at or call 212- 591-2728.

    InJoy~OutJoy: Prayer Works
    Prayer Works is brought to you by Melissa as a part of InJoy~OutJoy.

    The premise of Prayer Works is to share positive, supportive energy through the power of affirmative prayer. We believe that Prayer Works and sometimes a prayer-at-work helps to get us through the day. So if this is something that you can relate to great. Feel free to share it with other like- minded folks in your circle. If not just skip over this part (it’s all good).

    I had a breakthrough in a major relationship in my life. And it revealed that I really was not taking responsibility for the way I was showing up in the relationship. I was being petty and manipulative. I was fully engaged in the story of complaint and blame. Then I realized that what was being shown to me through this relationship also related to other areas in my life. Of course it would because “Everything is One Thing”.

    And so this week’s Prayer Work is dedicated to my love affair with time.

    Ode to Time

    .The Timeless Within Which is All Time

    The Free Spirit that flows unobstructed through me



    Creating all the time.

    Today I release the limitations and misuse of time.

    I step away from the distractions of blaming people and the false truth of the World of 10,000 Things & then some.

    Instead I step into the true Truth that “Everything Is One Thing”.

    How I show up here or not, is how I show up there or not.

    I surrender the blame habit game that I never win.

    I forgive myself for not taking full responsibility for my life, my choices, my words, my actions and my time.

    It’s about time I creatively live at the level of Cause aligned with the Indwelling Spirit of Timelessness.

    For within this space I am always serendipity timely.

    Today I have my being in the power of creativity, the power of change, the power of new possibilities, the power of insight, the power of thought taking action.

    I accept this perfect and simple gift that opens me up to deeper awareness, acceptance and knowing about myself.

    For it is all just information for my use in service to transformation and revelation.

    Time is timeless and yet timeliness is being true to time.

    Now is the only time there is.

    When my days seems to get away from me I stop, take a breath and ask myself “how am I spending my Nowness instead of how am I spending my time”?

    On this plane of being and living here on earth in the World of 10,000 things & then some more things, time seems limited but “Now” is unlimited even here, even at work, at home and wherever responsibility meets me.

    I know that Now really is the time.

    When I have the mind chatter of deciding when I’m going to do something and start to bargain with myself to do it later, or tomorrow or even better when I have more time.

    I know that Now really is the time.

    I take the first step to begin it Now and I finish on- time.

    I release this prayer knowing that Spirit’s clock is always set to Now.

    Today I set my time by Spirit’s watch.

    I attune myself,

    my actions,

    my focus

    my attention to the Universal Time of Now.

    I only have Now to work with.

    What a gift that is!!!

    It’s clear, it’s here, it’s dependable, it’s consistent.









    Mantra: I know that Now is the Time & Act.

    ©2008 Melissa Moorer Nobles. All rights reserved.

    Stay tuned for information about upcoming workshops for 2009 to support you in your “beginnings” & “becomings” from InJoy~OutJoy.

    Feel free to contact Melissa directly about Prayer Works, Feng Shui and Life Coaching services and speaking engagements at

    Quick Links…

    InJoy Enterprises

    Rhythm And Soul Blog

    WHCR 90.3FM

    phone: 212-591-2728


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