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Organix Soul – New Haven

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Organix Soul New Haven
Buy Your Tickets Now!!!
Showcase Takes Place
Feb 13, 2009 @ 8:00pm
Soco’s New Haven
50 Fitch Street – New Haven, CT
Admission: $10.00

On Friday, April 24, 2009 New England’s Hottest purveyor of authentic soul music will be bringing that brand of Organix Soul to the Soco’s in New Haven, CT.

Working in collaboration with Rainsong Artist Development for the show of a lifetime.

Hosted by 91.9 WTCC’s own “Mr. D.Moss” the show promises to be totally and completely off the friggin chain…

For information on Organix Soul
D.Moss @ 860.881.2043
Rain @ 203.859.8313

That Thing Called Soul

Soul music is a music genre that combines rhythm and blues and gospel music, originating in the United States.

According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, soul is “music that arose out of the black experience in America through the transmutation of gospel and rhythm & blues into a form of funky, secular testifying.

Organix Promotions adheres to a very strict dress code. This dress code sets us apart because we strive to always cater to an elite clientele. Please adhere to this dress code when attending our events:

No Baggy or ripped jeans, designer jeans are acceptable.
No Solid Tees
No Striped Polos
No Sneakers
No Boots (That includes Timberlands)
No Hats
No Jerseys
No Oversized Clothing
Untucked shirts can not go past Mid thigh

Organix Promotions also reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone who does not meet our dress code.

Thank you for all your support.


Organix Soul Springfield

April 25, 2009

Holiday Inn Springfield, MA


Jarrard Anthony,Malik Alston,

Steve Wallace,Ms. Ruby

smooth jazz with: Monet’

Organix Soul – Hartford

April 26, 2009

Vibz Uptown  Hartford, Ct


Malik Alston, Jarrard Anthony, Curtis Henderson, Earl Jones Jr

and Gospel Artist: Lisa McClendon

More Info: http://www.organixsoul.com

This Month’s Feature Artists Are as Follows:

Jarrard Anthony

In a dimly lit Irish pub in Chicago’s north side, a young singer leads the crowd on the chorus of David Bowie’s arena rock anthem, All the Young Dudes, while strumming the chords on his acoustic guitar. Later that night, at a funk and jazz laced open mic venue in the south side of the windy city, a young crooner takes the stage, and accompanied by the house band makes the ladies sway with a rendition of Earth, Wind, & Fire’s classic, Can’t Hide Love, rocking the crowd and invoking 70’s classic soul nostalgia. The common denominator in both these scenes is that the singer and the crooner are Jarrard Anthony.

In the endless ocean of music genres, sub-genres, categorizations, and labels, how do you label the artists inspired by a multitude of influences? Jarrard Anthony’s answer…”Its all Soul Music. Soul music is music inspired a divine source, and like a white light reflected through a diamond shows many colors, music is expressed through individuals the same way.” Good songs are truly universal, and good songs across several genres are what JA is how he is building his career .. Humility; In an industry packed with egos, humility is a word often spoken but rarely exercised. Soul Music; Music inspired by a divine source often claimed but in many cases, inaccurately categorized. My name is Jarrard Anthony, and I create soul music.

Shae Fiol

A Portland, Oregon native who found her way to Brooklyn, Shae Fiol’s artistic journey started somewhere between harmonizing on road trips when she was 4, from the backseat of the family’s VW bug, to singing and dancing countless hours in her bedroom and living room.

As a composer, arranger, guitarist, lyricist, song-writer, and vocalist, Shae’s music transcends the industry’s confines to any particular genre. For as she says, “if I were a branch from the music tree, I would be a heart/soul branch with roots in Classical, Folk, Rythm & Blues, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Latin.” I

n her element whether with her band or just her guitar, Shae has performed at popular New York City venues such as SOB’s, The Bitter End, Crash Mansion and Joe’s Pub. Her message of love’s struggle reaches the hearts and minds of any listener, reminding us all of the beauty and pain that co-exist in love and life.

Lynnette Johnson

Lynnette calls her self privileged. She was fortunate to be born to two loving parents that not only tolerated her free spirit, they nurtured it.

She was able to have experienced an extended childhood. They thought the “it ” was dancing, and then “it” was drawing, and then “it” became acting, and then “it” was fashion, but there was always the writing. Mrs Brunelle asked her third grade students to keep a weekly journal. This regular writing exercise grew into vital part of Lynnette’s life. She has been writing it down ever since. As she grew into herself she was introduced to Spoken word. Spoken word is an art form that combines Lynnette’s two true loves, writing and performing.

Once she discovered this form of self expression she could no longer imagine her life without it. Lynnette has a gentile style. Her voice is a combination of humor and sarcasm with wit and charm. She speaks of love and unlove, human frailty and the favor of God. Her desire is to connect. She is putting together her first book of poems and short stories, fact and fantasy titled “I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You.” You can find Lynnette reciting at various open mic’s, at weddings and church functions, in the mirror in her bedroom, in her car…. she just can not keep “it” to herself.


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