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Greetings from the Synch Ladies!

The second edition of THE SYNCH CHRONICLES, was sick & insane with our featured FRESH TA DEATH performer of the evening, South African Hip Hop Diva, CONTRO’VERSY!! Comfortably taking her spot on the stage, she hit the audience with racially conscious quandaries; and then flipped the script with playful tunes that had the audience’s head nodding and rapping along to her every note. She flowed with ease as she delivered incomparable rhymes that we haven’t seen in such a long time; reminiscent of the days when rappers were true MC’s! We were excited and appreciative of the support of our friends that come through: Marko Nobles of InJoy Enterprises, Sharon Ife Charles, Elizabeth Delmonte, Mark Williams, Ernest Diaz, Dennis Sloan and countless others. If we didn’t mention anyone, it doesn’t mean we don’t recognize you…it’s all love! 🙂

This month’s news:

Artist of the Month…Visual Artist, “SHARRA HARVIN”

SHARRAHARVIN.jpg picture by DCStarr38




Soulful…sultry…powerful….are just some of the words that will come to mind for the next edition of THE SYNCH CHRONICLES, as the Synch Ladies bring you an artist that will soothe your mind, body and soul! Serenading you with a jazzy, charismatic flow…the incomparable, LESLIE CASEY & COMPANY, April 18, 2009 at the Shrine World Music Venue in Harlem.

Originating from Pittsburg, LESLIE CASEY began her performing career at the ripe age of four; influenced by her parent’s love of music. Her mother is a vocalist and a violinist; and her father a local blues singer. She followed her heart over the years and has won over crowds in varied talent shows and special events including the Coors Light Super Talent Showcase. She had a two year-run as one of the singers of Pittsburgh’s famed Glorious Rebirth Performing Troupe under the direction of the renowned Birdie Nichols. Leslie released her EP entitled Take a Chance’ in March of 2007 that showcased her incredible vocal range & the ability to master all genres of music. The highly successful EP was played on internet radio in London and the Netherlands and crossed over to radio stations in the United States. After moving from Washington DC with a long list of performing accolades, she hit New York to pursue singing full time. LESLIE then created her own entertainment company, LC Productions and Entertainment to expand her present band’s exposure and create other ventures for her in the future. By the summer of this year, Leslie will treat her audiences with her sophomore release under her own independent label, Juni Records! This beautiful lady, along with her powerhouse band, has graciously taken the stage at Synchronized Rhythm’s “Summer Jam” back in July 2007 with rave reviews! We’re sure that she’ll bring you to your feet and inject passionate, soulful grooves that you’ll be craving for after the night is through!

This edition of THE SYNCH CHRONICLES is gonna bring you back to the days when singers could sang!

Come on through and take a peak at the cultural sistahs of SR!

All the best,

Get in Synch With the Rhythm!

Caprice Todmann & Chante Ramsey
~Synchronized Rhythm~
Promoters of the Cultural Arts


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