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Lydia Rene’ LIVE!

Lydia Rene' LOGO
Live at The O.N.E @ Rittenhouse!
Lydia Rene’
April 2009

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Lydia Rene’s Debut Album, “My Love IS My Life” is NOW available on:

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Check Out Lydia’s New Youtube Website!

Lydia has just started her new youtube channel streaming never before seen, behind the scenes videos of how it if for her being a young female independent artist in today’s society.
Lydia Rene’s YOUTUBE!

So Click above and enjoy!

Lydia Rene’ LIVE at The O.N.E. @ Rittenhouse, May 6, 2009 SHOW STARTS: 9:00pm
Lydia Rene' Singing

The O.N.E @ Rittenhouse
121 S. 19th Street
Philadephia PA, 19130
Show Starts: 9:00pm
Cost: $5
Contact: (215) 563-1038

O.N.E @ RIttenhouse Website

Lydia will be performing a 40 minute set with her NEW BAND including, new songs and of course her favorites form her debut album, “My Love Is My Life”
Please join Lydia as she takes you through an exciting journey of her life, love and spirit!

*CD’s will be sold!*

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for your continued support. Love you guys!

Lydia Rene’
Luvablebeat Music



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