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It’s A Mixtape Riot!, Miz Metro, Project Art and Scotty Barnhart at The King Center

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Dammit I’ve run out of PG Tips again and I’m writing this while simultaneously having a discussion on Twitter with Yahoo Music about the current state of Cassie V Rhianna, Eminem and Nick Cannon amongst other issues- stuff I’m so clued in to and care so much about(not) 

I’m also getting ready for a swinging black tie SESAC event which I’m nowhere near ready for and…Let’s see- trying to raise money, working on business proposals and

Iooking to hire folks and recruit a business partner! In other words…I’m busy!

And….Friendfeed is picking up steam….Lots of heads are subscribing to my feed so appreciate that!


I’ve added ‘She’s So Fresh’ w/ Bless Roxwell, F.C Globeblogger and ME TIME Rituals w/ Simone Kelly and other surprises coming soon!

My Bloom Blog is hot and don’t you forget it!!!



Dopest party in the City for real- fresh name, dope concept, great talent and most importantly- a great fun rewarding experience…In fact – I always see dudes and dudettes hooking up these joints!

Mixtape Riot- I can say I’ve been down from day 1…Love The Beatards- Love the party!!! Mixing, Juggling, Energy, Dopeness, Fresh and hot performances!

Launched back up recently with the website launch party and now we’re back!!!

TONIGHT 10PM-11PM Drink Specials FREE

Featuring: K-Swift and Chen Low w/ Soul Imperial, Chuck Wild and DJ O on the decks!!! Beauty Bar– 231 E. 14th…. Grab me and I’ll tweet you !!!


Boston-based MC Mr. Lif has been bouncing off the walls, spreading the word far and wide about his thought-provoking, pertinent new escapade I Heard It Today.

The new full-length, available now on iTunes and in stores everywhere via his own Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises imprint, sees the rhyme-schemer taking on these increasingly troubled times, turning political faux pas into prose with fierce vernacular and sharp delivery. Lif uses his platform to inform rather than gloat, to help empower and energize listeners towards meaningful civic action. His targets? A collapsed economy, a massive bailout bill, a housing crisis reaching far and wide, a troubled black community and the apathy, fear and angst that go with all of the above.

I Heard It Today confirms Mr. Lif’s latest is, in every sense of the word, relevant.

There are 2 videos off the album in the works. ‘The Sun‘ and ‘Collapse These Walls’.

The rapper speaks without hesitation on the record’s 15 tracks, which feature guest spots from the likes of Bahamadia, Metro, Scanz and more. On this, his fifth overall LP, he blends a slew of established and up and coming producers such as Edan, Headnodic, J Zone, Willie Evans Jr., Batsauce, and Therapy. And lastly, in an effort to give fans and newcomers alike a taste of the record’s political prowess, the Bostonian himself has, with the help of one Dj Statik (aka Mr. Sonny James) created a monster 34 minute mix containing a first listen of new I Heard It Today material, along with classic Lif-age and new verses spit over Madlib and Flying Lotus beats. Get it below, along with the album’s track listing and a full set of tour dates.

So go cop Mr. Lif’s ‘I Heard It Today’- I promise you will love it and btw!!! I have listened to ‘The Sun’ on repeat about 30 times already today! Call me crazy!


The Bloom Blog is growing. Lots of colorful content, edgy, fresh and always reporting/writing before anywhere else or nowhere else!

Shouts to the talented artists affiliated:

Bless Roxwell w/ She’s So Fresh, Miz Metro Mondayz, F.C GlobeBlogger, Me Time Rituals with Simone, Dred Scott rants, Kissey Asplund and soon to be Mixtape Riot!!!

The Bloom Blog is also affiliated with MOG. A great resource for exciting and vibrant blogs and the blog world!

If you’ve got interesting stories, feeds – send them to me and we’ll see whats up! Can’t promise I’ll publish but if it’s interesting and cool then you have a great shot!


Miz Metro is sizzling- heating up– you’ll be hearing her name a ton- mark my word…I’ve heard most of the tunes off her debut album ‘UNLIMITED’ and it is a STUNNER!!!

I’ve watched her evolve- started working with her developing her or mentoring her I should say since she was about 18…Now she’s 21 and finally ready!

She’s been honing her craft- working on songs, structure- her stage presence, getting really comfortable playing out with her band The Makebelieves and she’s gearing up for the big big coming out. Album Release Party- Save The Date: Wednesday, July 8th- SOB’s! It’s going to SELL OUT!

In the meantime- she’s got an exclusive music and art performance that Blu Ellis of the Round Table has curated with open bar on Thursday, May 21st at Chacala in Soho. 7PM-11PM Tickets $35.00 include Open Bar and Hors D’oeuvres Tickets at info@theroundtablenyc.com

Miz Metro is also the co-producer along with Crosby Coolest of the critically acclaimed Hip Hop Howl SXSW Takeover which is being well-received and is available for DOWNLOAD- FREE – special thanks to IMEEM for all the great support….Download it now- 28 fine tracks from some of the best in indie Hip Hop and R&B!!!

Miz Metro’s in D.C May 19th.. LA for Strictly Social– June 17th at Little Temple and in Chicago- July 31st!!!

Also- Hip Hop Howl’s mixtape SXSW Takeover is the featured playlist today on IMEEM.


Very excited to be working with Entity Entertainment new series Project Art. Really cool multi-media installations with music and all the elements. Project Art has partnered with Hennessy Black in this series.

It takes place at Climax Lounge featuring Lupe Fiasco’s recording artist Hey Champ on 1st and 15th Music.

The 2nd and 3rd dates take place June and July TBA featuring artists: Miz Metro, Hollywood Holt, Brittany Bosco, Million $ Mano, Shala and more!

Project Art raises awareness for the alternative art scene through Paintings, Graffiti, Photography and other mediums while all being intertwined with Live Music, Live DJ, Dance and Breakin. PA Chicago is a unique platform where artists can submit sculptures, paintings, pictures, 3-D Models, a video or modern art but make it beautiful, colorful, clever, amusing and outrageous. Innovation being KEY.

The series kicks off May 22nd at Climax Lounge and powered by Hennessy Black, with additional support from Fiji Water, Vapors Magazine. Yelp, and Fusicology.

It’s Free- 21 and Over– 9PM-2am!


I’m very proud and excited to be re-united with one of the very first artists I ever started working with all those years ago. Jazz Trumpeter Scotty Barnhart.

Patience and persistence finally paying off as Scotty Barnhart’s debut album ‘ Say It Plain’ is finally coming out….May 19th…It’s absolutely STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!

Can’t say enough great words about this incredible project and I’m so proud and honored to be working and representing Scotty and this Masterpiece!

‘Say It Plain’ is released on Unity Music and distributed through Ryko Distribution. It features distinguished musicians Ellis Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, Jamie Davis, Marcus Roberts, Clark Terry and others.

The song with Clark Terry called “Pay Me My Money” is an anthem and I can see it being several theme songs for stations, music players, ring backs/video- you name it!

‘Say It Plain’ is a combination of standards and originals. Musicianship is top notch high caliber and I hope for ‘Best Jazz Album’ at The Grammy’s!!! You heard it here first!

He’ll be in Atlanta for his release party at The King Center– 7PM Friday, May 29th….$20.00


We’re back June 20th at Frank’s Lounge! The other night with Carolyn Harding, Collette and Paul Rivers Bailey was packed and super hot! My hosting skills were off the chain!

Come see me before I land a slot on Def Comedy Jam!

Saturday, June 20th features The Jaspects from Atlanta…Very excited about introducing them….Super great group! It’s also their album release party!

Also on the bill is Kimberly Nichole and Stacie Aamon. Always somebody hot at Nu-Soul Series…. Get in if you fit in!!!


Follow me on Twitter if you want to hear about cool events in R.T and get the low down on interesting info and insight

Subscribe to my blog- The Bloom Blog if you know what’s good and….

And tonight!!! I dress fancy schmancy for SESAC Awards dinner! Always a fab event!!!!

Thanks for supporting…You know you Rock and you know- I LOVE YOU!!!!!




Fiona Bloom

The Bloom Effect


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