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Soul Freedom on Radio Cardiff – Playlist 11 October

Playlist 11 October

Todayes playlist taken from people and experiences from my recent visit to Atlanta, to include the International Soul Music Summit

Tracks are not necessarily new though some are, and are from artists that I have not featured too much previously on the show – to the exception of artists and friends who were there and are dear to me, they will remain unforgotten and featured no doubt in the future.

Big thanks to many but especially Terry Bello, Gabbie McGee, Nikki Wade, La Sonya Gunter, Lenora Jaye, April Hill,Robbie Danzie,Kemi, Michaux and Arlana

Find my Man – Trizonna McClendon
Mountain of Love – Chestnut Brothers
Love a woman right – KD Brosia ft Stokely Williams
You’re all i need to get by – Melba Moore & Phil Perry
Addicted – Antonia Jenae
Priorities – Jonathan Blanchard
Genesis – Kemi Bennings
Reflections – Joey Sommerville ft Phil Perry
Dance- Slakah the Beatchild
Back on the block – Imessiah Soul
Get Away – Chinah Blac
Baby its cold outside – Afi
Oh Freedom – Hollis Watkins & SNCCC Freedom Singers
Governer Wallace- SNCC Freedom Singers led by Charles Neblett
It didn’t occur to me – W Ellington Felton
Not right now – Green Tea
I see – Hippoetess
Soul Therapy – Darkshine Pros ft Napoleon Stevewil
Dont say goodbye – J Charles
I wanna be free (Remix) – April Hill
Promised Land – Jrod Indigo
Whatever – Jeff Murrell
Everytime – Jaafaar ft Amor
LIE – N’dambi
Beautiful Friend – DJ Subliminal ft Lisa Barton

The show started earlier as i filled in for a bit on the lunchtime show and played:
Gemma Genezzano – Take me away
You oughtto be having fun – Tower of Power
In the spirit – Ann Nesby
Aint no stopping us now – McFadden & Whitehead
Real Love- Driza Bone
Mr Government Man – Lacksley Castell
All in the game – Cornell Campbell
Pretty Wings – Maxwell
Spanish Hustle – Bah Samba Organic Mix – Fatback Band
Dont you worry about a thing- Incognito

One thought on “Soul Freedom on Radio Cardiff – Playlist 11 October

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