Bristol Indie Soul Mixer – Registration Fees

Bristol Indie Soul Mixer – Student Registration fee pre 31 January2011 Reference: Student Rate £60.00 Bristol Indie Soul Mixer – Artist Registration fee pre 31 January 2011 Reference: Artist Rate £100.00 Bristol Indie Soul Mixer – Other Registration fee pre 31 January 2011 Reference: Others Rate £100.00

Bristol Indie Soul Mixer – Advertising, Sponsorship and Support Info

Bristol Indie Soul Mixer – Advertising, Sponsorship and Suport Info Email me for details of your interest, your proposal or for any other information

BRISTOL INDIE SOUL MIXER  3 Day Event for the Soul Community  Business, Information, Partnership, Collaboration, Networking Performance and Media Trade Community, Culture and Education Local – National – International SPRING 2011 (Brought to you by the Organisers of the Indie Soul Mixer Event in New York, now in its 6th year) © Life and SoulContinue reading

Bristol Indie Soul Mixer – June 2011

Preliminary Announcement Next year June 16 to 19 2011 Indie Soul Mixer comes to Bristol. This will be an Indie Soul Mixer with all the ingredients of the successful events in New York and Atlanta, but will:- a) Embrace youth, community and education b) Include Business and Career Development Modules c) Have many performance opportunitiesContinue reading “Bristol Indie Soul Mixer – June 2011”