3 Day Event for the Soul Community

 Business, Information, Partnership, Collaboration, Networking

Performance and Media


Community, Culture and Education

Local – National – International


(Brought to you by the Organisers of the Indie Soul Mixer Event in New York, now in its 6th year)

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Bristol Soul is an intense 3 day event for Soul artists, established and aspiring, together with industry partners and supporters. 

Soul is not dead, the music is merely a part of a cultural identity, the music is organic and is evolving independently and underground and will once again soon feature as a force in world music markets. The time is now and this conference will help elevate anybody involved in the industry to their next level, to achieve personal goals and more importantly build the base from which we all work.

 If you achieve, we achieve.  Start building the movement together…….

The Event

 The focus will be to take you to the next level regardless of whether you are a new and inexperienced artist or an established name.

The emphasis will be on education, business, networking, collaboration and performance.


Soul artists have a deep cultural and community identity.  They give back through education.  Skills will be passed on and nurtured through development.  In addition there will be emphasis on cultural and charity projects that the Soul Community are involved in.


The music industry now is not the same as it once was, the world has changed, the marketplace has changed, yet the industry still operates through the old models.  We will explore and educate how to operate new exciting business models in the current environment.


Networking is a key ingredient within the new business model.  Meet fellow artists and essential industry professions to expand your connections, your ‘brand’ and enhance your career development.


 It is not only about yourselves, if the movement expands, marketplaces expand and all can benefit.  It is essential to communicate and collaborate at all levels, artisticly and in business.


Of course, artists want to perform and their will be plenty of opportunity from workshops, acoustic sets, album launches and full performance as well as mentoring and collaborative sessions

4 key groups


aspiring new talent from Bristol and elsewhere, broadly under aged 20 with no  released product

New Artists

artists who have recorded and probably released some product, some performance skills

Established Artists

artists who have several years experience in recording or performance or both

Known ‘names’

established and known artists


Plenary Sessions 

Songwriting Workshops

Workgroups and Collaborative Sessions


Acoustic Jams

Listening Parties



 We have a huge pool of potential artists and contributors both in the UK and the US (and Worldwide) from being the founder of the New York Indie Soul Mixer, a pre-eminent event in the indie soul calendar, and being a major participator in the largest Soul Music Event in the World, The International Soul Music Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

 There will be particular emphasis on education and community and such groups will be encouraged to participate.

 One of the major factors that bind together New Soul Artists is the belief that we are at the dawn of a new age where Soul Music and Culture will regain its place in the world as the dominant force in Black Music.  Together with the sense that working together but independently the movement will again acquire the force and momentum to dominate world music in the years ahead.  New technologies and non traditional business methods will be key to making progress.

 Additionally cultural and community driven strategies will ensure further and enhanced benefits.

 Attendees will be local, national and international 

 Aims and Objectives

  The following is intended as a guide only.

 Group 1 Youth

 The objectives for the Youth Group is to enable them to enhance their skills by mixing, talking and working with other more established artists, to be mentored.  In addition to learn business skills in the current environment.  To give their insights into how they see the genre evolving.



Business Skills



New Markets

 Group 2 New Artists

 The objectives for this group is to enhance business skills, to create collaborations and relationships.


Business Advice



New Markets

 Group 3 Established Artist

 The objectives for this group is to create relationships and collaborations particularly internationally. Enhanced business skills, mentoring and youth development.  Creative workshops. 



Business Advice


New Markets

 Group 4 ‘Star’

To mentor and give knowledge.  To obtain new business and creative relationships particularly new market and international.




New Markets


Applications and expressions of interest now accepted from:-


Youth Groups

Business and Trade


Advisors and Industry Specialists

Media accreditation


email –

Mailing List and News update requests –


We are looking for funding sponsors and partnerships.  Interested Parties should email in first instance to to register their interest.

 There will be additional events at other local approved venues.


Live Music

Club and DJ Events

Trade Fair

Art and Graffiti



 Pre Event Marketing

Remix Competition

Songwriting Competition

Fundraising Events

Bristol Indie Soul Mixer – June 2011

Preliminary Announcement
Next year June 16 to 19 2011 Indie Soul Mixer comes to Bristol.
This will be an Indie Soul Mixer with all the ingredients of the successful events in New York and Atlanta, but will:-
a) Embrace youth, community and education
b) Include Business and Career Development Modules
c) Have many performance opportunities
d) Be essential for you whether you are a young aspiring artist or an established name
e) Include invaluable networking, collaboration, business and music opportunities.
Please therefore lock the date in your diaries, let me know whether you are interested in participating or being involved and if so at what level.
There are many levels at which assistance will be required from volunteers to expertise, trade and community, artists and industry people. Please express your interest now by responding to
This event will be run by Bristol Indie Soul Mixer Community Interest Company.
Many thanks