Zion Flex at Bristol Indie Soul Mixer

Zion Flex has always been naturally fresh and fly. A Singer/Songwriter and Artist. She has worked with producers the likes of critically acclaimed Roots Manuva back in ’03. She studied Content Creation for Broadcasting and New Media and holds Bachelor of Arts with Honours 2:1 from Ravensbourne College, England. In 2009 she self-released her debut acoustic album with Tom McAllister “An Exercise in Scales and Balances” and later in 2010 her first electronic sampler “The Eau”.

To date Zion Flex has performed acrross the world to name but a few Winter Music Conference, (Miami, U.S.A) and Marsatac, Marseille (France), OPA (Paris, France) Bicao Papao, (Milano Marittima, Italy) Christiania Radio, (Copenhagen, Denmark). The Winston, (Amsterdam, Holland). Shambala Festival (UK), Bloom Festival (UK) and most recently in 2011 completed a tour of the Balkans.

“Zion Flex. With a style that draws on her many musical influences – from jazz, soul and black spiritual songs to trip hop, folk and classical – combined with a pretty unique aesthetic and a seemingly relentless work ethic, she really has what is necessary to stand out from the creative cluster that seems to be nearing saturation point at the moment. Her spoken word poetics and spellbinding singing voice merge with nu-jazz-neo-soul-hip-hop melodies, to create a listening experience that you’re left in your mind long after the music stops.” STYLE 43, UK

“Du hip-hop à la soul, en passant par le jazz et le ragga, son premier album “An Exercise on Scales and Balances” est d’une essence trip-hop à la Bristolienne. Zion Flex cultive l’éclectisme, au point qu’on pourrait la placer au carrefour des styles d’une Coco Rosie et d’une Keny Arkana croisée à Beth Gibbon. Poli-artiste… de Bristol, la chanteuse Zion Flex envoute par son charisme de danseuse hip-hop et son flow extraordinaire, mélodieux et très personnel qui alterne un phrasé rythmé et rempli d’émotions avec des phases slow et tranquilles, plus progressives, tirant presque vers le slam. Encore peu connue sur la scène internationale, elle effectue une véritable percée dans le milieu depuis l’an dernier, avec une participation au Winter Music Conference (Miami, U.S.A), collaboré avec Roots Manuva, une prestation scénique pour le festival Marsatac, tourné clips et interviews.” – Victor Sas (CTV) France

“Zion Flex je mlada dama koja pored pisanja, pevanja i repovanja radi kao model, slikar i bavi se plesom. Mix jamajčanskog porekla i bristolskog rodnog okruženja čine Zion Flex originalnom, svežom i nikako običnom” – Butchaa MensenJah, Serbia

“Zion Flex – Soulful and poetically driven, Zion flex’s singing and rapping synergise to create her own unique and beautiful sound … Influenced by Jazz, Hip- Hop and old black spiritual songs. An artist that refuses to be restricted and continues to break the mould” GIRL WONDER, UK

“Zion Flex – Smooth, sultry vocal flowing straight from the heart drift above swirling guitars, representing true soul with hypnotic effect” SOUL CLASH, UK

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