Over 10 years of Life and Soul Promotions – The Early Interviews

Life and Soul Promotions hasve been supporting Independent Soul Music for over 10 years so here’s just a little recap of some of the early interviews we did, probably at a time when the ‘genre’ indie soul did not exist! 27 June 2001 La Sonya Gunter http://www.lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk/lasonya.htm 17 September 2001 Aaron K Gray http://www.lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk/Aaron.htm 14Continue reading “Over 10 years of Life and Soul Promotions – The Early Interviews”

Free Download – Applejac Presents: Playin’ Favorites

Free Download http://applejac.bandcamp.com/ 1. Monologue feat. The Baldhead Queen   2. Today feat. Tonya Dyson   3.You Meet My Approval feat. Reggie B   4. Diana In The Autumn Wind feat. Shecky’s Jazzy Tofu   5. De Ja Vu feat. Ramona   6. The Long And Winding Road feat. Rogiers    7. Twice feat. Carmen Rodgers    8. Epilogue feat. The BaldheadContinue reading “Free Download – Applejac Presents: Playin’ Favorites”

Indie Soul Mixer – Atlanta – October 22 2011

Mike Ashley & Dexter Myers present the 2nd Annual Indie Soul Mixer in Atlanta – the 9th in the Indie Soul Mixer series of events in the USA and UK Hosted by the diva Nikki Wade Facebook Events Page – Please accept invitation to event there https://www.facebook.com/lifeandsoul#!/event.php?eid=181732048566185 Richard Dunn of The Atlanta Voice will beContinue reading “Indie Soul Mixer – Atlanta – October 22 2011”