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Free Downloads – Kero One

1) So you still don’t have all of Kero One’s tracks? No worries, we will catch you up to speed with a few of the notables for FREE download. Feel free to share the link with others.
(tracklisting below)
Kero One – The Catch Up
1. KERO ONE – In All The Wrong Places
2. KERO ONE – Let’s Ride
3. KERO ONE – Tempted
4. KERO ONE – Welcome To The Bay
5. KERO ONE – Never Thought That We
6. KERO ONE – When The Sunshine Comes Feat. Ben Westbeech
7. KERO ONE – On Bended Knee Feat. Sam Ock
8. KERO ONE x GREEN TEA – Yes Party People
9. KERO ONE – Missing You
10. KERO ONE – The Fast Life feat. Esna

2) ALSO Pre-orders for the new Kero One – In All the Wrong Places t-shirts are now available in both Men’s and Women’s t-shirts (The womens t-shirts are printed on American Apparel 100% cotton combed shirts).
AND the first 15 people to place orders will receive a bonus gift: limited edition In All the Wrong Places Maxi-single Cassette Tape. Yes, Cassettes. We’re bringin’ it back to the old school.

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