Name: Michael Ashley

Telephone – +(44)77402 84764


Life and Soul Promotions

Life and Soul Promotions is an organisation set up by me in 2000 and is devoted to the promotion of Soul Music.  We are based in South West England but our coverage and activity extends globally.

The core of our activities is our website and it has become a pre-eminent source for new independent soul artists.

There is an extensive mailing list, reaching out to over 10,000 people including artists, agents, DJ’s, promoters, Record Labels, specialist outlets, media and Soul fans worldwide. 

Through our network of contacts, labels, promoters, agents, media and other outlets we can act as a facilitator and adviser to Independent artists.

Website: www.lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk Independent Soul Specialist Site

I have developed a particular niche as an outlet for independent artists, and they are featured heavily in the interview sections.  I have carried approximately 150 exclusive interviews.

There is an extensive review database of Independent Soul product. I actively source and promote new soul artists.

Annual Independent Soul Mixer Event

I travel annually to New York and Atlanta and meet many of our contacts, artists and friends.  I host  annual Indie Soul Mixer events in New York and Atlanta, which are an invaluable networking events for any Independent Artist. 


DJ Events:-

With an extensive knowledge of Black Music generally and in particularly Soul Music from the early Sixties I have Djed at many venues, extensively in Bristol and the South West but also as far away as New York and Bordeaux, France. 

I am a member of the Soulfreedom team with Kevin Baynham.

Soul Freedom and its guests have a unique breadth of knowledge of Black Music, individually we have different backgrounds but as soulfreedom we present a diverse, eclectic and uplifting blend of soul music from all eras.


In 2002 I hosted a weekly show on Kute FM Bristol under their RSL Licence. I have also contributed to The Juice on Solar Radio on internet and Sky featuring new and pre release independent soul music.

From October 2008 we have a regular show on New York based Rhythm and Soul Radio, third and fourth Sundays each month. 

Live Events

In 2005 I promoted a series of live events in Bath, featuring independent soul artists, from the USA Stanley James, Maya Azucena, Angelique, Yewande and UK based Martine Girault, Juliette Leon and Vixxen.

Generally –

A Director, Chartered Tax Adviser, Trust and Estate Practitioner, Fellow of the Federation of Tax Advisers in CCPtax Limited a firm of Business and Tax Advisers (www.ccptax.com). 

Within the practice am responsible for business operations. Over 30 years experience in a variety of tax and Estate matters. Have an all round expertise in taxation with specific expertise in a number of areas including Residence, Domicile and Charities.

Am a trustee/ director of several charities including the Cardiff Based WIRED International Limited, a charity set up and developed as a way of empowering people to tackle problems caused by substance use.

Mike Ashley, Life and Soul Promotions, www.lifeandsoulpromotions.co.uk, Indie Soul Specialist, New York Indie Soul Mixer, International Soul Music Summit, Soul Freedom, Soul Train, Star FM, Rhythm and Soul Radio, New York, Atlanta.

addressing international soul music summit
addressing international soul music summit


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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Mike, my name is Neil Draper, I saw your post on the Rovers forum and as I live in the USA I followed it through to your website.

    Your name rang a bell, then I saw the reference to you being a tax adviser and it all came flooding back. I even remembered you as a big enthusiast for soul music back then. Not sure if you remember me but I was there for a couple of years around 72-73 before moving onwards and upwards !

    Some of the names I remember from that time are Martin Fish, Geoff Leonard, Bob Morgan, Mr Bowell, Lyn Paice, Janet Gardner, Bill Blenkinsop, Mrs Parkinson and Mr Boughton whom I travelled into work with sometimes. We used to drink in the Bunch of Grapes in Denmark St at lunchtimes and after work.

    It was all a long time ago wasn’t it.

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