Beki Wills- Current Projects

Our resident artist is currently involved on several projects (that I am aware of:-

1) Photographs and videos from New York Indie Soul Mixer, having completed the main event video edit
2) CD package project
3) New Exhibition (more to come)
4) Flyer for Atlanta Indie Soul Mixer October

In addition to her other studio and design projects, plus having to deal with her studio ceiling falling in

Please check out her website or like her Facebook page

Art and Soul

A link to our official artist and designer Beki Wills for all original artwork, flyers, and associated merchandise

Official artist to Indie Soul Mixer, Life and Soul Promotions and Soul Freedom

Artists Statement Beki Wills

I am a multi-media artist, and use a variety of materials, from pencil, pen, marker pen, spray paint, acrylic, oil and digital media.

Living in cities for the majority of my adult life, I have seen first-hand, the impact of social and geographical change on the environment. This ‘violation’ in particular by developers and the forced gentrification of areas for profit rather than community, is an underlying factor in my work. By using industrial landscapes, as a metaphor, in particular heavy industrial building such as oil refineries, where the inside of the building appears to be on the outside, I create complicated paintings, often very large to demonstrate the confusion and fruitility of post modern living, being half self-portrait and half social commentary.

Viewing the world and my own current situation which to me is a confusing mass of information overload, manipulated by forces beyond one’s control. Each piece is influenced by situations in daily life, for example relationship breakdowns, depression, miscarriage and abuse, fragmented by an ever increasingly disillusioned population.

From conception until death, you are classified, stamped, and ordered, with identity and self expression lost. Personal information is stored and passed around by people unknown who shape a beleaguered and bewildered faceless society, where money is priority and social freedom is neglected.

The result being a rise in addiction, depression, suicide, eating disorders, violence, self- harm, breakdown of relationships, selfishness and a get rich quick celebrity culture with a bleak regard for the future. A passionless, unemotional, conformist being.