Life and Soul Mixtape 1

Life and Soul Mixtape 1 October 2009 Now available for Download – Please email me for the link or lower quality version available here – Tracklisting 1. Back on the Block – Imessiah Soul 2. Lost without you – Soulem 3. Angel – Colie Williams 4. Take Time – Chris Rob 5. GottaContinue reading “Life and Soul Mixtape 1”

Leela James – Let’s Do it again

New music from the wonderful Leela James! Leela James “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”: Let’s Do It Again, is Leela’s long-awaited follow-up to her powerful debut which scanned over 200 000 units. The new album delivers a powerful set of soul music, recorded with her own band in the studio. Highlights include Leela’sContinue reading “Leela James – Let’s Do it again”

Modern Musings………grooves from the Modern Side with Mark Randle

DJ Spinna & Ovasoul7 You Should Be Loving Me (Original Organic Vocal) (US Wonderwax 12”) I make no apology for starting the reviews with what is for me, quite easily the best of the recent soulful house vinyl. I’m led to believe that this track originated a few years back, but that certain parts ofContinue reading “Modern Musings………grooves from the Modern Side with Mark Randle”

Tracy Cruz – Feel’osophy

A strong and consistent album with multiple good tracks, such is the quality of indie albums these days, you just gotta deliver…..and this one does. Emotional Love for me is the top cut, great instrumentation and beats, lots going on without being overcrowded, plenty of drive with a neo come r’n’b feel. Can’t Change MeContinue reading “Tracy Cruz – Feel’osophy”

Tracey Harris – Love 365

Had this for a while now and it has been getting some plays by me on the radio and stuff, but been a bit slow in getting this on here, such is my backlog! Wel this is a quality release for 2008, and from what I can gather certain tracks are appearing in top soundsContinue reading “Tracey Harris – Love 365”

Wiley and the Checkmates – We call it Soul

Review – I’m not so sure about this, yes it’s an album steeped in the traditions of Southern Soul, and Wiley and his Checkmates have are certainly proficient, deeply involved, know what its all about and so on, but at the end of the day does it really grab me or offer me anything freshContinue reading “Wiley and the Checkmates – We call it Soul”

Nikki Wade Nikki Wade is well known in the Atlanta Soul Music scene through her performances and events through her business Divadom Entertainment. And having seen her perform and promote I can assure you that you will be in for a good night. Not sure of the availablity of her tracks, but they can be hearContinue reading “Nikki Wade”

Tondrae Kemp – Shinola Flow

Links Only got the sampler to go by, but this looks like a sea change for Tondrae.  It sounds cool, with Tondrae pushing out beats, thoughts, prose and song. He seems to have gained a confidence which allows him to do what he wants to do and what he feels, rather than followContinue reading “Tondrae Kemp – Shinola Flow”

Anonamas – Truth Thru Fiction

Click pic to sample and purchase Review – well this one passed me by from 2006 until I had the opporunity to meet Anonamas a couple of months ago. What comes across immediately is a vibe, a laid back, stripped back hip hop vibe with soul and with conscience. The beats laid down by jewelsContinue reading “Anonamas – Truth Thru Fiction”

Bukola – Hypnotised (Domu & Marc Mac Remixes)

Links – Hypnotised is the official single taken from Bukola’s debut album Which Way. The undergound UK Soul Sensation has teamed up with Domu and Mark Mac (4 Hero) for two fresh remixes. My preference is for the stripped back Marc Max remix, which gives the vocal more edge against the sparser beatContinue reading “Bukola – Hypnotised (Domu & Marc Mac Remixes)”

Sean Rasul – Ghetto Child

Click Picture to purchase and sample Review – Probably more hip hop orientated than the last album, but the visual patterns portrayed through the visions, the poetry, the mood and the theme come across very strongly. The piece is very much conceptual, and the words illustrative. It mostly is very visual, with the laid backContinue reading “Sean Rasul – Ghetto Child”

The Birmingham Sound – The Soul of Neal Hemphill Vol 2

Links – Another great set featuring a whole bunch of stuff coming out of the  Birmingham scene from the vaults of Neal Hemphill, and digging the crates with rarities, unknowns and previously unissued. 24 tracks and superbly packaged. Ranging from upbeat thru deep all with a hard southern soul edge, but with the BirminghamContinue reading “The Birmingham Sound – The Soul of Neal Hemphill Vol 2”