Life and Soul Mixtape 1

Life and Soul Mixtape 1 October 2009

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1. Back on the Block – Imessiah Soul
2. Lost without you – Soulem
3. Angel – Colie Williams
4. Take Time – Chris Rob
5. Gotta be me – Innosphere
6. Complicated – Steve Wallace
7. All an illusion – Speek Greene feat Kenny Wesley & Kev.O
8. Obsession – Jeremiah
9. So Inspired – Big Brooklyn Red
10. Let’s Run Away – Darnell Kendricks
11. Transitions – Julie Dexter
12. Right On (Club Remix) – Michaux
13. Trust You – Heather Park
14. Guilty – Mo Molokwu
15. Mad Love – Nikki Wade
16. Emotional – V-Rich
17. Billyclub (Remix) – Wayna ft Wale

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Innosphere –
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Imessiah Soul
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Nikki Wade

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Steve Francis – Stush Music –
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Mathieu Karsenti- Soulem Productions –
Mike Dawson – Ketch a Vibe Records
IcreeUPree – Joli Harris

Drops – Lenora Jaye, Monet, Darien, Heather Park, April Hill, Lorenda Robinson, Steve Wallace

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A Message From Darien about His Newly Released Album

My new album “If These Walls Could Talk,” is now available on iTunes and CD Baby.
Here are the links:
CD Baby:
Thank you for your Love, Support and Patience over the years with us completing this project. It has been a long time coming and we are elated that we can finally deliver it to you. Spread the word!!.
Check out the New Launch of our website:

Peace and Blessings,
Miles Anthony
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Darien – Free Christmas Download

Darien’s New Album, “If These Walls Could Talk” will be released in 2009. We look forward to seeing you at The Blue Note in NYC on February 6th where he will be performing songs from his New Album and have special guests.

Remember You can Hear Darien’s Music at

Log On to and/or

Thank You Again for all The Continuous Love and Support.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

In the meantime check this free download – Holiday

Written and Performed by Darien
Produced By Robert Stephens III

Righteous Music Records

Peace and Blessings,
Miles Anthony
Righteous Music Media, LLC
P.O.Box 2341
New York, NY 10185

Echoes Magazine UK: Darien Album Reviews, New Music and….Show?

Greetings my people,

It has been a long minute since we sent out a Blast so as you see I am not a spammer:) I only send out blast when there is something to share. We have been working hard and Well, I have Great News to share. Attached is an article from Echoes Magazine in the UK which is a Black Music Monthly. There is an amazing write up. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. A Special Thank You goes out to Curtis in Maryland who read the article and reached out to us and actually sent us a copy of the Magazine. Really Appreciate that. Also, shout out tp Rah from SoulBeautiful in the UK who has supported us from the start. She will be in NYC in December. Definitely great peoples.

This is another great review by Mike Ashley in the UK. He received the album at a conference and wrote this Incredible review. Click onto the picture to see who Darien sat on the panel with.

A very Special Thank You Goes to DJ Big Dose in Virginia of the Sol Kafe who played Darien’s music on his syndicated radio show which plays in several markets. Here is where you can hear Big Dose’s radio show and Darien’s music:

WKUS/ Norfolk
WKKV/ Milwaukee
WBTJ/ Richmond
WKSP/ Augusta
WSTI/ Valdosta
WOWE/ Flint
WZZA/ Tuscambia, AL

Lastly, another Darien song has just been released overseas in the UK by a producer named SoulPersona who produced “Showya” on Darien’s album. The new song is called “Can’t Hide”. Here is a link to a great podcast from a UK DJ named Son Of Soul and he plays “Can’t Hide” as the first song. It is an amazing podcast and if you like Soul Music and R&B, you should all subscribe to it. Let me know what you think about the song, “Can’t Hide”.

That’s it for now But stayed tuned for more Darien News. Oh Yeah…BTW….Mark Your Calendars….

Darien will be performing at The Blue Note in NYC on February 6th, 2009!!!!!!! Will keep you posted.

Peace and Blessings,
Miles Anthony
Righteous Music Media, LLC
P.O.Box 2341
New York, NY 10185

646-319-1556 Cell
347-431-9651 Business
212-642-5143 VM
212-642-5343 Fax

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Greetings My Peoples,

Darien – If these walls could talk

Not sure when this is due to drop but is one well worth waiting for. A solid album all the way through with several danceloor friendly tracks.

Just can’t wait kicks off in an upbeat style with handclaps, guitar riffs and easy singalong chorus. Gone I guess is more R’n’B dancefloor friendly but still contributing to a strong opening with powerfull beats.

Composure is another top track with excellent instrumentation and an old school feel and one of the top cuts. Where its at, also heavy on the beats and strong on the vocals and a latent hammond organ weaving in and out.

Showya kicks in with a powerful bass and a lazy hypnotic vibe. My Door mellows it down somewhat, an immaculate ballad. Sail Thru is a mellow Stevie esque ballad with a fine trumpet break.

Love Revolution again with strong instrumentation builds into powerful track with lots going on. Nowhere I like a lot, heavy beat, funky organ, laid back vibe, string samples, great guitar work, great vocals.

Saturday is reminiscent of a fun day in the summer just hanging and vibing on the streets. All kinds of things is a funky singalong midtempo ballad, again hammond is prominent.

If these walls could talk, the title track, is an acoustic ballad, allowing appreciation of the vocals and the lyricism, and as it gathers pace it builds into a very prominent track.

An excellent album, very well produced with many top tracks and heartily recommended

Tracks – Just can’t wait, Gone, Composure, Where its at, Showya, My Door, Sail Thru, Love Revolution, The Road, Nowhere, WSRD 33.3FM, Saturday, All kinds of things, If these walls could talk, Seasons