Soul Freedom 2012- Global Playlist to date

All tunes played on Radio Cardiff and Rhythm and Soul Radio this year to date –

1nce again – Qtipokratiya RandS 22/04/2012
# 1 love – Winzell Kelly Cardiff 26/02/2012
#1 Love – Winzell Kelly ft Luther squeak jackson and marvin ‘suits’ Abne Cardiff 04/03/2012
24K Gold – Martin Parks rands 29/01/2012
24K Gold by Martin Parks rands 22/01/2012
360- degrees of Harlem – Bill Withers (Applejac Mix) Cardiff 29-Apr-12
5 oclock stuff – Norvell Molex Jnr ft Miles Bonny Cardiff 15/04/2012
9th Wonder – Digible Planets & Ocote Sounds – Steely Chan Blend RandS 20/05/2012
a fee kisses ago rocky mountain all stars Cardiff 11/03/2012
A song for Haiti – Rafiya Cardiff 15/04/2012
A song for Haiti – Rafiya RandS 22/04/2012
Above the night – Incognito ft Natalie Williams Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Frank McComb Cardiff 12/02/2012
Afro Blue – Robert Glasper Experiment ft Erykah Badu Cardiff 04/03/2012
Afro Blue – Robert Glasper Experiment ft Erykah Badu Cardiff 19/02/2012
Afro Blue – Robert Glasper ft Erykah Badu RandS 18/03/2012
After 12 before 6 – Sam Salter RandS 25/03/2012
after party – Koffee Brown (Ezel Valentine Mix) Cardiff 26/02/2012
After Party – Koffee Brown (Ezel Valentine Remix) Cardiff 19/02/2012
After the laughter – Green Tea ft Oddisee RandS 27/05/2012
aint that peculiar – Marvin gaye (Ambassadeurs reconstruction) Cardiff 26/02/2012
Aint that peculiar – Marvin Gaye (soulpersona & neil thompson summer madness mix) Cardiff 08/04/2012
Aint that Peculiar – Marvin Gaye (Soulpersona & Neil Tommo summer MadnessMix) RandS 15/04/2012
All because of you – Leroy Hutson RandS 25/03/2012
All I can do is pray – Denetra Moore RandS 22/04/2012
All I ever wanted- Robbie Danzie RandS 25/03/2012
all in all – Chris Rob Cardiff 27/05/2012
all in all ( I’ll be good to you) – Chris Rob Cardiff 20/05/2012
All in all I’ll be good to you – Chris Rob Cardiff 06-May-12
All It Was (ft Rayshun Lamarr) by Tamika Love Jones rands 22/01/2012
All matter – Robert Glasper ft Bilal Cardiff 26/02/2012
Allure – Butterflies ft MC Shan rands 26/02/2012
Ann Nesby – One of a kind rands 26/02/2012
Anslem Douglas – Waiting in Vain rands 26/02/2012
Apocalypse 2012?… (Ur Name) by S-Dhub cardiff 08/01/2012
Apocolypse 2012 – S Dhub cardiff 22/01/2012
Are you using me – Luther Vandross (MAW) Cardiff 15/04/2012
Ascension – Maxwell (Dilla) Cardiff 26/02/2012
Ayah – he dont want it rands 26/02/2012
Baby cant you see- Little Tommy RandS 25/03/2012
Baby its you – Corey Franks ft Rokfa RandS 20/05/2012
Back in love – ZanYe Cardiff 15/04/2012
Baila – art of fresh rands 22/01/2012
Bare my heart – Jahah Cardiff 26/02/2012
Bare my heart – Jahah RandS 18/03/2012
Basement Jazz Ensemble feat Claire Simone – You Got To Know (Main mix) (06:49) rands 19/02/2012
Be together – Tyler woods rands 22/01/2012
Be Together by Tyler Woods cardiff 08/01/2012
be with you – Aunyae Heart Cardiff 19/02/2012
Be with you – Aunyae Heart RandS 18/03/2012
Beautiful – Heshima Cardiff 08/04/2012
Beautiful by Jaguar Wright (03:23) rands 19/02/2012
Beautiful Design – Marlon Saunders RandS 27/05/2012
beautiful Design – Marlon Saunders Cardiff 27/05/2012
beautiful design – Marlon Saunders Cardiff 20/05/2012
Beautiful Music – Gina Carey RandS 27/05/2012
Beautiful Music – Gina Carey RandS 20/05/2012
because i love you – elisabeth Withers Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Bilal – Think it over Acoustic Cardiff 19/02/2012
Bilal- Think It Over (03:59) rands 19/02/2012
Bilal- Think It Over (acoustic) Cardiff 12/02/2012
Black – Dreemtime Cardiff 20/05/2012
Black – Dreemtime RandS 20/05/2012
Black Gold – Esperanza Spalding RandS 18/03/2012
Blackness – Deirdre Gaddis RandS 15/04/2012
Blessing – Will Downing Cardiff 19/02/2012
Blind (feat. Bantu Soul) [Opolopo Remix] – Tomson, Benedict cardiff 08/01/2012
Blind ft Bantu Soul (Opolopo Mix) rands 29/01/2012
bobiera sabrina malheiros, Cardiff 11/03/2012
Bodiya – Taufi Shu’lah Cardiff 29-Apr-12
body fusion starvue Cardiff 11/03/2012
Body Language Remix 042611 by Anthony David (03:48) rands 19/02/2012
Body Language Remix by Anthony David Cardiff 12/02/2012
Book of love – Freddie Lee cardiff 22/01/2012
Brian Courtney Wilson – Storm in mind Cardiff 19/02/2012
brighter days are coming – Bill Curtis – Fatback Band Cardiff 19/02/2012
built for love – PJ Morton ft Jazmine Sullivan Cardiff 22/04/2012
Bustin Loose – Chuck Brown and Soul Searchers Cardiff 20/05/2012
Butterflies (feat. MC Shan) by allure Cardiff 12/02/2012
Call me – Drea cardiff 22/01/2012
Call me – drea rands 22/01/2012
cant stop loving you – Richard Rogers Club Mix Cardiff 27/05/2012
Caught Up – Dwayne Fredricks RandS 15/04/2012
Change – Donald Byrd (whisky barons Edit) Cardiff 08/04/2012
Checkin on you – Rozaya Cardiff 22/04/2012
Checkin on you – Rozaya (DJ Styles mix) Cardiff 15/04/2012
Checking on You – Rozaya RandS 22/04/2012
child of the streets – Quality NYC Cardiff 26/02/2012
Ckeckin on you – Rozaya (DJ Styles one in a million mix) Cardiff 08/04/2012
Color me green – Caren Green RandS 18/03/2012
color me green Caren Green Cardiff 04/03/2012
come close – Dwight Anderson Cardiff 08/04/2012
Come go with … -Precious Joubert RandS 15/04/2012
come go with me – Precious Joubert Cardiff 08/04/2012
come over here – Backhouse Nation ft Elaine Stepter Cardiff 20/05/2012
commitment- Portrait RandS 25/03/2012
conflict of a man – erimaj Cardiff 04/03/2012
Conflict of a man – Erimaj rands 29/01/2012
Conflict of a man- Erimaj cardiff 22/01/2012
Conya Doss – Dont Change rands 26/02/2012
Corruption – Toi Horn RandS 15/04/2012
COSMIC JOURNEY Nu- mix by SOLANGE FEAT BILAL rands 22/01/2012
COSMIC JOURNEY Nu- mix by SOLANGE FEAT BILAL cardiff 08/01/2012
crazy love – mlu Cardiff 26/02/2012
Crazy Sometimes – Dionne Wilkins rands 29/01/2012
Crazy Sometimes – Dionne Wilkins rands 22/01/2012
crazy sometimes by Dionne( D wilkins) cardiff 08/01/2012
Crooklyn – Whitefield Rampage ( Steely Chan Blend) RandS 27/05/2012
Crown Royal (Simon S Remix) by Jill Scott rands 22/01/2012
Cruzin (street Mix) – Mark Mixx ft Raw Voyces, Angie McClaurin & Luc Cardiff 15/04/2012
Cruzin (street Remix) – Mark Mixx RandS 22/04/2012
Cry Baby – Reks Cardiff 27/05/2012
D Train – Maluwa RandS 20/05/2012
Da Capo ft Dyann a Fearon (DJDouble O re fix) RandS 27/05/2012
Danger Zone – Lori Jenaire Cardiff 15/04/2012
danger zone Lori jenaire Cardiff 11/03/2012
Dark Matter – Darryl Reeves ft Carmen Rodgers Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Datenite- Malice & Mario Sweet RandS 15/04/2012
datenite malice and Mario sweet, Cardiff 11/03/2012
Daybreak – Hamish Balfour ft Erik Rico RandS 18/03/2012
Decoders ft Sy Smith – Inside my love rands 26/02/2012
Designated Fool – Terrence Trent Darby (aaron Ross, Nathan Haines & MDCL Remix) Cardiff 19/02/2012
Destiny Systemfunk (AtjazzLove Soul Remix) Cardiff 27/05/2012
Detroit – Boog Brown cardiff 22/01/2012
Detroit- Boog Brown rands 29/01/2012
dilouya ft n’dea right time Cardiff 11/03/2012
Dilouya ft Sandra Nkake John Turrel Cardiff 18/03/2012
Dirti Harri – James Brown RandS 25/03/2012
dollar – steve spacek Cardiff 26/02/2012
Don’t Blow a good thing – Vesta Williams (Buscrates Boogie edit) rands 29/01/2012
Don’t Change by Conya Doss Cardiff 12/02/2012
Don’t let love get you down – Archie Bell and drells Cardiff 27/05/2012
Dont touch me – Rahsaan Patterson RandS 22/04/2012
dreamin – esco williams cardiff 22/01/2012
Dreamin’ by Esco Williams cardiff 08/01/2012
Durard Bernarr – Incarcerated intuition rands 26/02/2012
Escort – Cocaine Blues cardiff 22/01/2012
Essence of Love – Tiffany RandS 18/03/2012
Evermore – Ryan Shaw Cardiff 27/05/2012
evermore – Ryan Shaw Cardiff 20/05/2012
Every little bit hurts- Brenda Holloway RandS 25/03/2012
everybody loves the sunshine- Seu Jorge & Almaz Cardiff 26/02/2012
Everything I do – Beyonce and Bilal Cardiff 04/03/2012
expression of xoxo taylorhyll, Cardiff 11/03/2012
false faces – Ty Causey Cardiff 04/03/2012
False Faces – Ty Causey Cardiff 26/02/2012
False Faces – Ty Causey RandS 18/03/2012
Faster – High Perspective ft Kissy Asplund Cardiff 20/05/2012
finding my way – Bradd Marquis Cardiff 15/04/2012
finding my way – Bradd Marquis Cardiff 04/03/2012
fools paradise – Esha Karmaya Cardiff 04/03/2012
footprints – carla c sharp gomez Cardiff 04/03/2012
Footprints – Carla G Sharp Gomez RandS 18/03/2012
Footprints by Carla “C Sharp” Gomez (06:45) rands 19/02/2012
Footprints Carla C Sharp Gomez Cardiff 19/02/2012
for me – kenya soulsinger Cardiff 22/04/2012
For Me – Kenya Soulsinger Cardiff 15/04/2012
for me – kenya soulsinger Cardiff 08/04/2012
For me – Kenya Soulsinger RandS 22/04/2012
Forever – Gina Carey Cardiff 20/05/2012
Forever – Gina Carey RandS 20/05/2012
Freedom Medley – Freedom Chant, Oh Freedom, this little light of mine,- Freedom Singers RandS 25/03/2012
Fruit of the spirit – Tina Jenkins Crawley RandS 22/04/2012
Fruit of the spirit -tina jenkins crawley Cardiff 15/04/2012
Funky 8 ball DJ Kemit ft Frank McComb Cardiff 27/05/2012
funky love – Nate James Cardiff 27/05/2012
Get down to this loving – Darrius Willrich RandS 15/04/2012
get down to this loving darrius wilrich, Cardiff 11/03/2012
Get it feel me – Jeniqua Cardiff 19/02/2012
Get over it – Bucie (Ezel NuSoul Remix) cardiff 22/01/2012
Get up – The Blackman RandS 18/03/2012
get up on the floor siani, Cardiff 11/03/2012
Get You Some (Los Chicharrons Remix) by Captain Planet cardiff 08/01/2012
ghetto, j rawls liquid crystal project Cardiff 11/03/2012
GIVE ME SOME CREDIT-by La’Que (03:36) rands 19/02/2012
give me time – freeman street Cardiff 22/04/2012
Gloria Ry’ann – Divine rands 19/02/2012
God is love (B side version) – Marvin Gaye RandS 25/03/2012
good 2 U Rogiers ft Indigo Cardiff 20/05/2012
good man – wendell B Cardiff 08/04/2012
Good Shoes – The art of fresh rands 22/01/2012
Good Shoes by Art of Fresh cardiff 08/01/2012
Good to U – Rogiers ft Indigo Cardiff 27/05/2012
Goodbye – Xanthone Blacq rands 22/01/2012
goodbye to yesterday, incognito Cardiff 11/03/2012
gotta be praying – Minister Keni Jackson Cardiff 08/04/2012
gotta be praying – Minister Keni Jackson Cardiff 18/03/2012
Gotta be praying – Rev Keni Jackson RandS 22/04/2012
Grand Theft – Chocolate Milk RandS 25/03/2012
Gregory Porter – On My Way to Harlem Cardiff 12/02/2012
Gregory Porter – On My Way to Harlem by Motéma Music (07:40) rands 19/02/2012
Groove Tonight – LaShaun Phoenix Moore Cardiff 15/04/2012
Guiding Lights (Radio Edit) by Earth , Wind Fire rands 22/01/2012
Guiding Lights (Radio Edit) by Earth , Wind Fire cardiff 08/01/2012
Hands Up Marlon Wells Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Happy by Kae- Yasmine Bey Cardiff 12/02/2012
Heaven must be like this – Yvette Freeman rands 29/01/2012
Heaven must be like this – Yvette Freeman cardiff 22/01/2012
Helplessly in Love – Andreas Aleman RandS 20/05/2012
here in nyc – laSonya Gunter Cardiff 26/02/2012
here it comes – nadirah X Cardiff 22/04/2012
Heroin – wildcookie Wantigga Remix RandS 27/05/2012
Hold On – Sarah Dash (DJ Spen and Muthafunkaz mix) RandS 27/05/2012
home – Elegance (aka Rozaya and richard price) Cardiff 22/04/2012
Home (Opolopo Remix) – Rogiérs (06:02) rands 19/02/2012
Home Boy – A love connection cardiff 22/01/2012
Honey – erykah badu (DJ Day remix) inst & vocal Cardiff 22/04/2012
Hot as love – Induce RandS 15/04/2012
Hot as love 3.20 – Induce Cardiff 08/04/2012
How can U – Klass Band Brotherhood cardiff 22/01/2012
How do you like it – Sheppards RandS 25/03/2012
humanity – prince lincoln and royal rasses Cardiff 26/02/2012
I can’t wait Moses blu, Cardiff 11/03/2012
i choose you – jon bibbs Cardiff 22/04/2012
I choose you Jon bibbs Cardiff 11/03/2012
I do love you – Bobby Thurston RandS 25/03/2012
I finally found a reason – Gloria Ry’ann Cardiff 15/04/2012
i fooled you this time – Alicia Myers (12 shades edit) Cardiff 08/04/2012
i got it bad – tevin campbell Cardiff 04/03/2012
I got it bad- Tevin Campbell RandS 25/03/2012
I heard an angel singing – Martha Redbone Roots Project Cardiff 27/05/2012
I Human ft. Paul Randolph (Radio Version) by Jazzanova Cardiff 12/02/2012
I just Lose control – Anthony AK KIng RandS 27/05/2012
I just lose control Anthony AK King Cardiff 27/05/2012
I like what I like – Delasha Cardiff 20/05/2012
I like what I like – Delasha Cardiff 19/02/2012
I like what I like – Delasha RandS 18/03/2012
I love it when we talk – Chidi Cardiff 08/04/2012
I love it when we talk – Chidi Cardiff 18/03/2012
I need you reprise remix sylvester Cardiff 11/03/2012
I think I’m in love – Finesse Thomas RandS 18/03/2012
I wanna Be – Patrice Covington Cardiff 08/04/2012
I Want – Vicelounge RandS 22/04/2012
I want it – Soul Talk Cardiff 12/02/2012
i want love – Chidi Cardiff 27/05/2012
I want Love – Chidi RandS 15/04/2012
if teh price is right Be’na (edna Wright) Cardiff 04/03/2012
If the price is right – Ben’a (Edna Wright) rands 29/01/2012
if you need a man – bon garcon Cardiff 22/04/2012
If you stay – Wil Key Cardiff 29-Apr-12
If you stay – Wil Key RandS 20/05/2012
If you think that you love me – Episode RandS 22/04/2012
if you think you love me – Episode Cardiff 08/04/2012
I’ll always love you – Artistics RandS 25/03/2012
Ill La – Ill Clinton, Dalylya moon and DJ Al Pete Cardiff 04/03/2012
I’m Excited – Angela Winston Cardiff 29-Apr-12
I’m excited – Angela Winston RandS 20/05/2012
I’m not ok – Temika Moore Cardiff 08/04/2012
I’m not Ok – Temika Moore RandS 22/04/2012
I’m still here 111 East Nu Soul ft Kenny Wesley Cardiff 04/03/2012
I’m Yours – Ebony Laurent RandS 15/04/2012
Imagine – Brad Marquis rands 19/02/2012
Imaginist – Space invadas Cardiff 04/03/2012
In the air – Bashira Aad ft Tasha Jones Cardiff 15/04/2012
In the basement- Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto RandS 25/03/2012
in the meantime – Johnny Britt Cardiff 19/02/2012
Inside my Love – Gloria Ry,ann (pete MarriottMix) RandS 15/04/2012
Inside my love – Gloria Ry’ann (pete marriott remix) Cardiff 08/04/2012
Inside My Love by The Decoders ft Sy Smith Cardiff 12/02/2012
Is It Really Home ? – Isaac Hayes cardiff 08/01/2012
is it really this simple Temika Moore Cardiff 29-Apr-12
It must be you – Sire cardiff 22/01/2012
its going down – Parle and Ruff Ryders Cardiff 26/02/2012
Its on tonight – Lenora Jaye (Astral 22First Class Remix) Cardiff 06-May-12
Its on tonight – lenora Jaye (Astral 22first class remix) Cardiff 20/05/2012
Its on tonight -Lenora Jaye (Astral 22 Remix) RandS 27/05/2012
its over -Delasha Cardiff 27/05/2012
Its wrong – Xantone Blacq rands 22/01/2012
It’s Wrong by Xantoné Blacq cardiff 08/01/2012
J Dilla – So far to go ft Common & D’angelo rands 26/02/2012
Jah jah give us life to live – Wailing souls Cardiff 27/05/2012
Jammin in the place – Glenn Goldsmith ft Jordin Bailey cardiff 22/01/2012
Jamming in the place – Glenn Goldsmith ft Jordin Bailey rands 29/01/2012
Jay Dee – Tribe Called Quest – Stressed out ft Consequence and Faith Evans (Raphael saadiq mix) rands 26/02/2012
Je serai la – Kohndo ft Dwele RandS 20/05/2012
je serai la Kohndo ft Dwele RandS 27/05/2012
JENIQUA Get it, Feel Me Cardiff 12/02/2012
JENIQUA Get it, Feel Me rands 19/02/2012
Jesus is my friend Roderick Drane ft Paul Johnson Cardiff 27/05/2012
Johnny Britt – In the meantime rands 26/02/2012
Jonathan Winstead – Sexy Lady love cardiff 22/01/2012
Jonathan Winstead- Wake Up cardiff 22/01/2012
Jump – Avery Sharpe Cardiff 08/04/2012
Just another dream – Truth rands 22/01/2012
Just Another Dream by Truth cardiff 08/01/2012
Just ask me – Bobby Thurston RandS 25/03/2012
Just cant get you off my mind- Profyle RandS 25/03/2012
just chillin – rozaya Cardiff 22/04/2012
just let go -Kemise Lee Cardiff 27/05/2012
Just to fall in love – Najee ft Phil Perry RandS 18/03/2012
Just to fall in love- Najee ft Phil Perry Cardiff 19/02/2012
Just Us by Rhonda Thomas ft Avery Sunshine Cardiff 12/02/2012
Just Us by Rhonda Thomas ft Avery Sunshine (04:33) rands 19/02/2012
Just us Rhonda Thomas ft Avery Sunshine RandS 18/03/2012
Just Walk – Apollo Brown and OC RandS 20/05/2012
Juste une sourire – Habib Kane RandS 20/05/2012
K Bester – Tonight rands 26/02/2012
keep on trying – tony nash Cardiff 26/02/2012
Kopatechnic – Wonder Woman rands 26/02/2012
LaKeisha Berri – Like this like that rands 26/02/2012
Lalah Hathaway- My Everything (Ahmed’s Ballad Remix) rands 22/01/2012
Lalah Hathaway-My Everything (Ahmed’s Ballad Remix) cardiff 08/01/2012
Last Dance – Donna Summer Cardiff 20/05/2012
Last Man Standing – Eddie Levert RandS 20/05/2012
last night – Markeys (ft Donald Duck Dunn) Cardiff 20/05/2012
Lay your head – Chidi RandS 15/04/2012
Layed up (Dila Dilla Dilla ) – Ishe Cardiff 26/02/2012
Lee Fields and the Expressions – Youre the kind of girl rands 26/02/2012
Left and right – D’angelo (freddie joachim remix) cardiff 22/01/2012
Left and Right – D’Angelo Freddie Joachim Remix rands 29/01/2012
Lenny Williams – Still rands 26/02/2012
Let it go – Apostle JL Cash & Praise Cardiff 06-May-12
Let it Go – Apostle JL Cash & Praise RandS 20/05/2012
Let it go – Apostle JL Cash and praise Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Let it go – Sire cardiff 22/01/2012
Let it ride – Rock Paper Soul RandS 22/04/2012
Let it Ride – Rock Paper Soul Cardiff 15/04/2012
Let it ride – Rock Paper Soul Cardiff 04/03/2012
Let it Ride – Rock Paper Soul RandS 15/04/2012
Let it ride – Rock Paper Soul – Speek Greene ft Morris Allen cardiff 22/01/2012
Let It Ride by Rock Paper Soul -Speek Green ft Morris allen rands 22/01/2012
Let me repair your heart- Mad Lads RandS 25/03/2012
Let no man Put asunder – First Choice Cardiff 06-May-12
Let you go – Maria Howell Cardiff 15/04/2012
Lets Chill – Superior Edwards ft Charles Lasell Williams RandS 15/04/2012
Life goes on – Cunnie Williams rands 29/01/2012
Life Goes One – Cunnie Williams cardiff 08/01/2012
Lifetime – Kia Bennett Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Lifetime – Kia Bennett RandS 20/05/2012
Like Rain – Tamara Wellons (movement soul mix) Cardiff 22/04/2012
Like taking candy from a baby- JT Brown RandS 25/03/2012
Londee – Touch me RandS 22/04/2012
Look at the boy – Jean Plum RandS 25/03/2012
Loss on rtepeat – Paris Toon ft Esperanza Spalding and Mothers favourite Child RandS 27/05/2012
Lost – Conya Doss Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Lost – Rozaya Cardiff 22/04/2012
Love – Globetroddas rands 29/01/2012
Love Affair by Chanel Cardiff 12/02/2012
Love Affair by Chanel (03:36) rands 19/02/2012
love and Happiness – Thelma Houston Cardiff 29-Apr-12
love connection – homeboy Cardiff 04/03/2012
Love Galore – Debra Debs RandS 22/04/2012
Love Galore (Eyes on U) – Debra Debs Cardiff 15/04/2012
love is everything – Anthony AK King RandS 27/05/2012
Love is here to stay – Klyntel RandS 27/05/2012
Love is here to stay – Klyntel RandS 20/05/2012
Love is in town – Brenda Boykin Cardiff 27/05/2012
Love me – Teri Tobin Cardiff 27/05/2012
Love Me – Teri Tobin Cardiff 20/05/2012
Love me and my hair – Juliette rands 29/01/2012
Love me and my hair – Juliette cardiff 22/01/2012
LOVE ME AND MY HAIR FINAL by Juliette Cardiff 12/02/2012
LOVE ME AND MY HAIR FINAL by Juliette (03:58) rands 19/02/2012
Love reputation – Denise LaSalle RandS 25/03/2012
Love thang – Nadir RandS 22/04/2012
Love thang – Nadir Cardiff 15/04/2012
Love TKO – Teddy Pendergrass Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Love You More (feat. Kayla Evans) by Fondrea Lewis rands 22/01/2012
loves calling zingara, Cardiff 11/03/2012
Loves Galaxy – Tracy Cruz Cardiff 15/04/2012
lovin – The Blackman Cardiff 19/02/2012
major bossa khari cabral simmons, Cardiff 11/03/2012
Make Love – Robert Glasper Experiment ft King rands 29/01/2012
Make Love – Robert Glasper Experiment ft King cardiff 22/01/2012
Man cant serve two masters – Angelo Bond Cardiff 22/04/2012
man in the street William bell Cardiff 11/03/2012
man up – shannon sanders Cardiff 22/04/2012
Manee (monet) – Curtis Haywood Cardiff 15/04/2012
Matt Penn ft Lasdiva Soulice– Monica (Soulplate Rerub) rands 26/02/2012
Me and those dreamy eyes – D’angelo (dilla) Cardiff 26/02/2012
Medicine (For Someone Else) (feat. The Black Academy Choir) by Ruben Studdard rands 29/01/2012
Medicine (For Someone Else) (feat. The Black Academy Choir) by Ruben Studdard cardiff 08/01/2012
Melika Miller – What happened rands 26/02/2012
Metropolis – One 4 U Cardiff 12/02/2012
Metropolis – One 4 U (04:34) rands 19/02/2012
mid night melody Groove mix – Roucheon Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Midnight Melody (Groove Mix) – Roucheon RandS 20/05/2012
more and more – jamie Hawkins Cardiff 26/02/2012
more than this – Bashema Cardiff 04/03/2012
morning dew esnavi Cardiff 11/03/2012
Morning Glow by Ntjam Rosie (03:25) rands 19/02/2012
Move on featuring Kev Choice by Water Seed rands 22/01/2012
Movement Blues – Jihad Mohammed Cardiff 06-May-12
Mr Grown & Sexy – JRed Cardiff 15/04/2012
Mr wrong gonna get all the love tonight – Sweet Angel Cardiff 15/04/2012
My Absolute – Mar Cardiff 29-Apr-12
My everything – Applejacs Sound of Mecca Remix rands 29/01/2012
My everything – Lalah Hathaaway (Bulletproof Soul Remix) Cardiff 06-May-12
My everything – Lalah Hathaway Bulletproof soul Remix) RandS 27/05/2012
My Fantasy – Qui510 cardiff 22/01/2012
My Life – Mo & Grazz rands 29/01/2012
My magic Corner – Belita Woods Cardiff 20/05/2012
My Prayer 2012 by Erik Rico(04:20) rands 19/02/2012
My Sunshine – Don Daniels RandS 15/04/2012
Never – Kaleem taylor cardiff 22/01/2012
Never get enough – The mouse outfit ft Dubbul O & Sparkz Cardiff 06-May-12
Never get enough – The Mouse Outfit ft Dubbul O & Sparkz RandS 20/05/2012
never in your son – KhariCabral Simmons ft India Arie Cardiff 04/03/2012
never in your sun – Khari Cabral Simmons ft India Arie Cardiff 19/02/2012
Never in your sun – Khari Cabral Simmons ft India Arie RandS 18/03/2012
new again – Julie Dexter Cardiff 18/03/2012
new day – nicholas ryan gant ft Amma Whatt Cardiff 27/05/2012
Nights (Feel Like gettiing down)– Sy Smith ft Rahsaan Patterson RandS 22/04/2012
Nights feel like getting down – Sy Smith ft Rahsaan Patterson RandS 15/04/2012
nights feel like getting down Sy Smith ft Rahsaan Patterson Cardiff 08/04/2012
No use – Kelli sae Cardiff 08/04/2012
No use (radio edit) – Kelli Sae Cardiff 26/02/2012
No Use -Kelli Sae RandS 15/04/2012
Not around – Noel Gourdin 2Darc Remix Cardiff 15/04/2012
not around – Trina Broussard Cardiff 22/04/2012
Not U – Nikki Wade rands 29/01/2012
Not U by Nikki Wade cardiff 08/01/2012
Not U Full Final Mix by Nikki Wade rands 22/01/2012
Nothing Even matters – Joi star ft PJ Morton RandS 18/03/2012
NOTHING EVEN MATTERS by JoiStaRR feat. PJ Morton (04:42) rands 19/02/2012
Nothing will prevail – Emdee Brown rands 22/01/2012
Nothing will prevail- Emdee Brown rands 29/01/2012
Nothing Yet – Bashiyra Cardiff 15/04/2012
Nouriti a lespwi – Meemee Nelzy ft John Robinson RandS 15/04/2012
Nouriti a lespwi -Meemee Nelzy ft John Robinson RandS 22/04/2012
nouriti a lespwi meemee nelzy, Cardiff 11/03/2012
Ocote Soul – Digibale Planets – 9th Wonder (Steely ChanBlend) RandS 27/05/2012
oh my tavis minner, Cardiff 11/03/2012
oh no not tonight – stubbs sisters Cardiff 18/03/2012
On the Dance Floor by Q Fella cardiff 08/01/2012
One – Pete Belasco Cardiff 15/04/2012
One – Pete Belasco RandS 22/04/2012
one in a million – Rozaya Cardiff 18/03/2012
One more time – Yewande Cardiff 27/05/2012
one of a kind Ann Nesby Cardiff 04/03/2012
One Of A Kind by Ann Nesby Cardiff 12/02/2012
one stepcloser will downing Cardiff 11/03/2012
Only fools fool around- Simone Hines RandS 25/03/2012
Open the door – Otis Redding RandS 25/03/2012
opolopo – Loopmasters Cardiff 18/03/2012
Ordinary Joe – Terry Callier RandS 25/03/2012
Our love will grow – Showmen RandS 25/03/2012
Our World – Carl Thomas ft Rell rands 29/01/2012
Over it – Dezaray Dawn Cardiff 22/04/2012
Papa was a rolling stone – Temptations Cosmo Baker Applause Remix) Cardiff 20/05/2012
Paralysed – Oddisee Cardiff 20/05/2012
Party 4 Southern Soul – Falisa Janaye Cardiff 06-May-12
pay day – milan ring Cardiff 19/02/2012
Pay Day by Milan Ring Cardiff 12/02/2012
Pay Day master by Milan Ring (04:57) rands 19/02/2012
Peaceful Journey- Fat Larrys Band RandS 25/03/2012
Philip Alexander – Remember your love rands 26/02/2012
Play (Eleven Tambourines remix) by Goapele rands 29/01/2012
Play (Eleven Tambourines remix) by Goapele rands 22/01/2012
Play (Eleven Tambourines remix) by Goapele cardiff 08/01/2012
Please forgive me – Bobby Womack Funk version Cardiff 20/05/2012
Please forgive my heart – Bobby Womack (Funk Mix) RandS 27/05/2012
poison to the people kyle Jason Cardiff 11/03/2012
Prove me wrong – Apollo Brown and OC RandS 27/05/2012
Quicksand – B S’mOne RandS 15/04/2012
Quicksand b.S’mOne Cardiff 04/03/2012
Rainy Daze – Ladybird RandS 18/03/2012
Rainy Daze – Ladybird Cardiff 19/02/2012
remember dilla ft Bilal Cardiff 04/03/2012
Remember U- yU rands 29/01/2012
Remy Shand – Take a message Cardiff 19/02/2012
Reprise by Carla “C Sharp” Gomez Cardiff 12/02/2012
Reprise by Carla “C Sharp” Gomez (07:39) rands 19/02/2012
retrograde- darryl reeves Cardiff 22/04/2012
reverse evolution – sonja grier Cardiff 22/04/2012
Riding My Car – Dennis Edwards cardiff 08/01/2012
robert glasper experiment ft King – move love rands 26/02/2012
Round & Round – Heshima RandS 15/04/2012
Round and round – Heshima Cardiff 08/04/2012
Rushin’ by Ashley Guin Cardiff 12/02/2012
Rushin’ by Ashley Guin (03:54) rands 19/02/2012
salsa scratch, rob swift, Cardiff 11/03/2012
Sands of Africa – Maluwa RandS 22/04/2012
Sands of Africa – Maluwa RandS 15/04/2012
Sands of Africa Maluwa Cardiff 08/04/2012
Satta – Trouble (Renegades of Jazz Mix) RandS 20/05/2012
Satta- Trouble (Renegades of Jazz Remix) Cardiff 06-May-12
Say U like – Brik Citi RandS 25/03/2012
say you love me girl – breakwater Cardiff 26/02/2012
See the light – Dreamtime RandS 20/05/2012
See the light – Dreemtime Cardiff 06-May-12
See you around Ivy Joe Hunter Cardiff 20/05/2012
Send it on – Mara Hruby rands 29/01/2012
Send it On by Mara Hruby cardiff 08/01/2012
Send it On by Mara Hruby (05:58) rands 19/02/2012
Set you free – Tina Jenkins Crawley ft Paulinho Garcia Cardiff 08/04/2012
Shake Wade O Brown Cardiff 18/03/2012
She’s alright – The Shooters ft Otis Redding RandS 25/03/2012
sho Nuff Sly Slick and Wicked Cardiff 04/03/2012
Showstoppers – Cashmeres RandS 25/03/2012
Simmer Down- Bob Marley & Wailers RandS 25/03/2012
simply Beautiful – Al Green (King Most Redirection) Cardiff 08/04/2012
Simply Beautiful – Al Green (King Most Redirection) RandS 15/04/2012
Since I’ve been in love – Dramatics RandS 25/03/2012
Sinden – HIGH DEMAND feat. Jesse Boykins III cardiff 08/01/2012
Sistas – Karyn White rands 22/01/2012
So Amazing – Bashiri Asad Cardiff 15/04/2012
so at ease – glenn goldsmith Cardiff 20/05/2012
So Good – 1Sol RandS 27/05/2012
So Good – Norman Thomas ft Lenora Cardiff 19/02/2012
So Good (Feat. Pham Recording Artist Lenora) by Norman Thomas (02:54) rands 19/02/2012
so good to me – Teri Tobin ft Morris Alan Cardiff 19/02/2012
So many thing- D Cody RandS 20/05/2012
Soldier – Erykah Badu (Sam Champ remix) cardiff 22/01/2012
Soldier – Erykah Badu Sam Champ Remix rands 29/01/2012
Some Things Never Change by Mo & Grazz cardiff 08/01/2012
some to remember – Mar Cardiff 22/04/2012
Someone like you -Patti Labelle RandS 27/05/2012
Something More – Tamika Love Jones Cardiff 15/04/2012
Something wrong with our love – Joe Graham RandS 22/04/2012
Song called soul – Gene Chandler RandS 25/03/2012
Song for Haiti – Rafiya RandS 15/04/2012
Soul Music – Notenshun ft Sandy Mill (Danism Mix) Cardiff 06-May-12
Soul Mutha – Eddy G (Groove Assassin Remix) Cardiff 27/05/2012
Soul Talk – I want it rands 26/02/2012
soul therapy – darhshine pros Cardiff 04/03/2012
Speaking of Race – Sean Haefeli Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Spend teh day withoutyou -cruel grand Orchestra RandS 27/05/2012
stacy Barthe – keep it like it is rands 26/02/2012
Stay – Chiedza Cardiff 12/02/2012
Stay – Meshell N’degeocello Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Stay- Controllers RandS 25/03/2012
step into the music – Jasmine Cardiff 27/05/2012
Steppin – Christopher Williams ft Marva King cardiff 22/01/2012
Steppin’ by Christopher Williams ft Marva King Cardiff 12/02/2012
Steppin’ Main- by Christopher Williams ft Marva King (03:20) rands 19/02/2012
Still by Lenny Williams Cardiff 12/02/2012
still have love – Backhouse Nation ft Kenny Parker Cardiff 27/05/2012
still have love – Backhouse nation ft Kenny Parker Cardiff 20/05/2012
Still have love – BackhouseNation ft Kenny Parker RandS 27/05/2012
still in my heart – controllers Cardiff 26/02/2012
Storm in mind Brian Courtney Wilson RandS 18/03/2012
stressed out – aka Subliminal ft Juliette Cardiff 19/02/2012
Stressed out – aka Subliminal ft Juliette RandS 18/03/2012
Sugaa Shack – Klass Band Brotherhood Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Sugaa Shack – Klass Band Brotherhood RandS 20/05/2012
Sugar (feat. Soprano) – Gerald Alston cardiff 08/01/2012
Sugar ft Soprano – Gerald Alston rands 29/01/2012
Superhero – Parker Brown RandS 15/04/2012
Surrender – The RJE project RandS 18/03/2012
surrender RJE Project Cardiff 19/02/2012
Sweat – THEE Satisfaction RandS 20/05/2012
Sweet Angel – Mr wrong gonna get this love tonight RandS 22/04/2012
T Honey Brown – You fooled me this time rands 26/02/2012
T Jones – Loving you rands 26/02/2012
take me over – Stephanie McKay Cardiff 12/02/2012
Talk to me – LaSonya Gunter Cardiff 27/05/2012
Talking about my baby – Impressions RandS 25/03/2012
tawn P – Breathe rands 26/02/2012
Terri Tobin – So good to me RandS 18/03/2012
that thing yo do – Bobby Womack ft Rustee Allen Remix by Exclusive Cardiff 04/03/2012
that’s just the way your love is kg, Cardiff 11/03/2012
The bare truth – Joni Nehrita rands 22/01/2012
The Bare Truth by Joni NehRita cardiff 08/01/2012
The Dealings – Tony Ozier Cardiff 20/05/2012
The Echo – Epsilons RandS 25/03/2012
The holidays – Promise Marks RandS 27/05/2012
the light – Common (DJ Robinson Remix) Cardiff 26/02/2012
the light – Common (Kero One Mix) Cardiff 26/02/2012
the light – Common, Erykah Badu (Freddie Joachim Remix ) Cardiff 26/02/2012
the ultimate – LaRombe Cardiff 04/03/2012
The Ultimate = LaRombe RandS 15/04/2012
Theres still time – Truth rands 22/01/2012
Think it over – Bilal (acoustic) RandS 18/03/2012
Think Twice – Tensei ft Jai Franklin and the Ones Cardiff 20/05/2012
Think Twice – Tensei ft Khari lemuel Cardiff 27/05/2012
thinking about you maurissa rose Cardiff 11/03/2012
This Life – Ascendant Cardiff 08/04/2012
this life – ascendant Cardiff 26/02/2012
this much is true – Maiysha Cardiff 29-Apr-12
to be loved – chester gregory Cardiff 26/02/2012
Together OC SMith (Soulpersona Edit0 Cardiff 20/05/2012
Tonight – Jred and Nicole RandS 22/04/2012
tonight – K bester Cardiff 26/02/2012
tonight (take it – J Red Nacole Cardiff 18/03/2012
Tonight (Take it ) – J Red and Nacole RandS 15/04/2012
tonight (Take it) – J Red, Nacole Rice Cardiff 08/04/2012
Too Hot by Tom Scott (04:48) rands 19/02/2012
Too late – Mandrill RandS 25/03/2012
Touch me – Londee Cardiff 15/04/2012
Track 3? – Marie Michaelle Cardiff 08/04/2012
Transition (Remix) – Nakia Henry RandS 22/04/2012
Transition (Remix) – Nakia Henry RandS 15/04/2012
Turnin me on – Metropolis RandS 18/03/2012
Turnin’ Me On by Metropolis (04:02) rands 19/02/2012
Turning on a dime Shoshyn Cardiff 29-Apr-12
twisted love – NJ Ladyfingers Cardiff 08/04/2012
Twisted love – NJ Ladyfingers RandS 22/04/2012
two in teh morning – Hulon ft Howard Hewett Cardiff 04/03/2012
Two in the morning Hulon ft Howard Hewitt RandS 18/03/2012
Uknowhowwedo – Bahamadia rands 22/01/2012
Uknowwedo – Bahamadia Lxa Remix rands 29/01/2012
Use Me – Veronique Cardiff 15/04/2012
used to love you – groove jones Cardiff 04/03/2012
W Ellington Felton ft Stacy Epps & Awthentik– When youspeak to me rands 26/02/2012
Waiting in Vain by Anslem Douglas Cardiff 12/02/2012
Want – Vicelounge Cardiff 08/04/2012
Want – Vicelounge RandS 20/05/2012
want – Vicelounge (Lucien mash) Cardiff 20/05/2012
war Wailing Souls Cardiff 27/05/2012
Wasting Time (Kaidi Tatham Remix) f. Darien Brockington Phonte by Total Science rands 22/01/2012
Wasting Time (Kaidi Tatham Remix) f. Darien Brockington Phonte by Total Science cardiff 08/01/2012
water – ella ekko Cardiff 22/04/2012
We are somebody – Family Underground RandS 15/04/2012
We lift our hands in the sanctuary – DJ Oji and Una RandS 27/05/2012
Well worn Shoes – Fil Straughn (RnB Vibe) rands 22/01/2012
Well Worn Shoes (RnB Vibe) by FiL Straughan cardiff 08/01/2012
what about my love – damaris carbaugh Cardiff 04/03/2012
what can I do eijay, Cardiff 11/03/2012
What can I do for you – Helen Bruner & Terry Jones ft Chinah Blac Cardiff 15/04/2012
What can I do for you – Helen Bruner & Terry Jones ft Chinah Blac RandS 15/04/2012
What can I do for you – Helen Bruner, Tery Jones ft Chinah Blac RandS 22/04/2012
What more – Dallas White Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Whatever Happened – Promise Marks RandS 20/05/2012
whatever yo want – jay dee ft Ndea Davenport Cardiff 26/02/2012
what’s going on Greg Adams, Cardiff 11/03/2012
whats your world- leon ware (KGB) Cardiff 18/03/2012
when did you learn Gregory porter, Cardiff 11/03/2012
when i fall in love – Kaysha lee Cardiff 18/03/2012
Where there is love – Whispers RandS 25/03/2012
who is he and what is he to you – MeShell N’degeocello Cardiff 04/03/2012
whoa – jaheim Cardiff 26/02/2012
whoa Jaheim Cardiff 29-Apr-12
WHO’s BACKSTABBING WHO ? La’Que Cardiff 12/02/2012
Whos world is this – Juliette ft Z3 Cardiff 29-Apr-12
why you wanna play me out trisha covington Cardiff 11/03/2012
Wind Blows – Ivy Chanel RandS 27/05/2012
with every beat of my heart – Reggie sears Cardiff 04/03/2012
with me – inohs sivad Cardiff 22/04/2012
With Me – Inohs sivad Cardiff 15/04/2012
Wonder – Jillian walker Cardiff 29-Apr-12
Wonder – Jillian Walker RandS 20/05/2012
Wonder Woman (Radio Edit) by Kopatechnic Cardiff 12/02/2012
Xpression of Love – Taylorhyll RandS 22/04/2012
Yellow Cab Fever – Dave Valentin (Onaje Allan Gumbs) RandS 20/05/2012
Yesterday – Eric Lau ft Guilty Simpson and Oliver Day Soul & Fatima Cardiff 29-Apr-12
You – NJ Ladyfingers Cardiff 15/04/2012
You – NJ Ladyfingers RandS 22/04/2012
You amake my day – Chaquis Maliq rands 22/01/2012
you fooled me this time – T Honey Brown Cardiff 19/02/2012
You got to know – Basement Jazz Ensemble ft Claire Simone cardiff 22/01/2012
you gotta be free – Karen Gibson Roc Cardiff 29-Apr-12
you gotta be free – karen gibson roc Cardiff 26/02/2012
you make me happy – Al green and Lamorris Williams Cardiff 26/02/2012
You Make My Day by Chaquis Maliq cardiff 08/01/2012
You opened my eyes to the word – Harris & Orr RandS 18/03/2012
You opened my eyes to the world – Harris and Orr Cardiff 19/02/2012
you/reggae love colie williams Cardiff 26/02/2012
Your old stand – Mary Wells (Mark Rae Mr French Edit) Cardiff 19/02/2012
You’re love is my love Durand Bernarr Cardiff 19/02/2012
you’re not the one – Sugafunk Cardiff 20/05/2012
you’re the one asaph womack, Cardiff 11/03/2012
Yuna – Live your life rands 26/02/2012

Soul Freedom Radio

Life and Soul Promotions present the Soul Freedom Radio Portfolio

Soul Freedom is the badge we put around shows produced by Life and Soul Promotions. This allows us to express and utilise Soul Music from any era and any related genre of black music. Thus whilst Life and Soul Promotions raison d’être is to promote predominantly new independent soul product Soul Freedom will have a broader base, but still feature new music strongly.

Rhythm and Soul radio

The show goes out on Marko Nobles Urban Eclectic Internet Radio Station Rhythm and Soul Radio on the 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month at 4pm Eastern US time (9pm UK time).

‘Soul Freedom’ is presented by me, Mike Ashley. Occasionally we have guest DJ mixes by other European DJ’s and occasionally we have artists selecting influential tracks. DJ’s and artists are invited to contact me if they wish to be considered for these features.

The music policy is broad but there is particular emphasis on new and independent music.

The show is podcast after original broadcast on

Radio Cardiff

‘Soul Freedom’ has broadly the same music policy but is co-presented by myself and KGB. The show is every Sunday 3pm til 5pm UK time. Usually we do the show together and we cover for each other as necessary. KGB has promoted many events under the banner Corner Pocket Soul, largely in Cardiff and surrounding areas, and is passionate – that’s probably an understatement – about the music.

Radio Cardiff is a community radio station based in Cardiff, Capital City of Wales. It can be heard locally on 98.7FM and via the internet. The station music policy is almost 100% Black Music 24 hours a day, with daytime community based ‘talk’, and music feeds through the night.

Funding and Sponsorship is always an issue so if you want to sponsor the show or advertise let me know.

The show is ‘live’ and is thus more spontaneous. We do not podcast it, we do not do playlists, we just freestyle it. There is a webcam and chatroom, and our audience including some artists have joined the show live. Clearly we are promoting the music, but we also have to present and promote Cardiff and it’s community and cultures.

Pulse Radio

Every Sunday 9pm till 11. (UK)

Pulse ** 105.0 FM ** – Community Radio for Cheddar Valley and Surrounding Areas of Somerset.  Pulse is a local community radio station for the Cheddar Valley and surrounding villages but also streams online.

Differing from other radio stations in the South West region it is an independent, not-for-profit company formed to provide the following:

  • Provide a local community radio station for the Cheddar Valley and it’s surrounding area.
  • Provide a station with music catering for people of all ages.
  • Give local residents local news & information service.
  • Provide low cost-effective on and off air advertising to local businesses.
  • Provide training and work experience opportunities to those interested in working in radio broadcasting or broadcast journalism.
  • Support, provide a promotional platform for local bands, DJs and artists.

Pulse is not about making massive profits from advertising for share holders, it is a station wishing to provide the very best in programming material suitable for all age groups, a community station wishing to promote the community and thereby helping others in return.

Soul Freedom – ethos and philosophy

Whilst I (Mike Ashley) personally promote new and predominantly independent soul music, using Soul Freedom (SF) outlets, the rationale behind SF is much more broadly based to embrace music with Soul from all eras and related genres and sub-genres.

We believe that Soul Music is organic, progressive and moving forward yet, according to the ‘Sankofa’ principle “looking back to go forward.”, it is important to understand and draw from it’s history.  We therefore will feature and focus on Soul Music history, growth and roots.

We are aware of our audiences in each outlet.  We are not interested per se in just playing to or for people within the narrower confines of a restricted audience.  We adopt an almost charitable philosophy and that is to be for the benefit of and in the interests of the public and not for any particular grouping.

We are apt to include anything in our programme schedules from Blues thru Jazz to Gospel, Disco, Funk or Boogie, Songs with message, Spoken Word, Hip Hop, from Mento to Lovers Rock and Roots, Classic Soul to digging the crates rarities, Soul from around the World.


We are looking to expand our SF ‘pool’ with people of the same mindset to assist us with the shows on our portfolio. Such individuals should have an extensive knowledge of Soul Music, be competent as a DJ and presenter and work un-aided in a studio, but some assistance can be given as necessary. Please email me if interested

Music Submissions

In the promotion of new music we are always pleased to receive new product for consideration on our shows- again email me


Examples of our playlists can be found in my noted on


Ideas, feedback, material, suggestions always welcome –