Rhythm Republik

Rhythm Republik @BLUE NOTE NYC 5/19/2006 @12:30 AM
131 West 3rd Street , New York City, NY 10012-1208
Cover: $8.00, No Minimum


Rhythm Republik is BACK in action LIVE with a reconstituted-REINVIGORATED line-up featuring:
Starbrite -Co-Lead Vox*Jill Clarke -Keys & BackVox *Fredrix -Axe Commander *Sam Jennings -Drums *Mark Bass -Bass & of course, ME, Mr. MABILI kregg Ajamu Lead Vox..
SPECIAL GUEST MUSICIANS*VOCALISTS will join us throughout the AM! It is the birthday of Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Malcolm Little & Detroit RED). I celebrate his legacy, seriousness, spirit & POLITICAL evolution in songs from OUR CD/catalog & other ‘important’ artists repetoire. Please join us in celebrating the birthday of THE GREATEST BLACK LEADER we’ve ever known on his day of birth. We will have our “Soul Congregation Rising” CD’s available. Our Brother would have been 81 years young. PEACE.

The Family Stand

Greetings & Love,

I’m very happy to announce that Jeff, Peter and I are BACK!!! We’re doing a short tour to brush it all up again, and we’re in the studio working on some absolutely wonderful music for ya’ll … Ok … for us 😉
We’re having a great time putting it together, and feeling that vibe that we have when the three of us are together.
We’ll have our site up in May, it’ll be http://www.thefamilystand.net, because some skeezer bought the .com and is holding it hostage. Janky right!?
But it’s all love ya’ll!! Right now if you wanna refresh yourselves, check out our myspace page at:

“Super Sol Nova” blowing up ya ears in 2006!!!!

Love , Light, Peace, & Music,
Sandra St. V.

Lil Fallay

This will serve as our Official Press Release.
It is with great pleasure we are releasing our four time Southern Soul recording artist Lil’ Fallay’s fifth project Titled *Just For The Ladies* . Please feel free to e-mail us back requesting service of this album. If your format includes southern soul or classic soul this one is for you and your listeners. A brief history on our artist dates back to 2001 that year & every year after, he has had a album release with one or more hits coming from them. This album will be NO less. Please feel free to visit his web-site at www.lilfallayboy.com for your reading and listening pleasures. We look forward to working with you now and in the future.
Professionally Yours,
Chris Andrus (CEO)
Hot Like “FIRE” Management
FIRE Cat Records
1821 Mills Street
Scott, Louisiana 70583 (USA)

Nomi in Europe


Nomi will be heading to Europe this month to perform with the mischievous CocoRosie:

4/30: Printemps BourgesFestival, Bourges, France
5/01: Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, France
5/03: Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium

Nomi Voodoo-Eros

Nomi will also be releasing her next full length album later this year on Voodoo-Eros Records. She is taking on the role of producer to create what she calls, “an abstract soul collage that incorporates elements of Hip Hop, Folk & R&B. DJ High Priest, who is best know for his work with 80’s rebel artist Jean Michel Basquiat in the electro hip hop experimental group Gray, contributes to the record as well as professional thereminist Armen Ra Also contributing to the record are various musicians plucked from a pool of rock steady talent as well as friends and family of the enlightened familia.