Richard Poindexter sings lead vocal on this classic song that he and his brother Bobby Poindexter penned for the late, great Linda Jones on George Kerr’s New Jersey based Loma Records.
This track was also included on the 2006 CD “MADE TO BE LOVED” on It’s Soul Time! Records and was released as a limited edition 45.
Since this clip was recorded, Evan Wills has since replaced Alex Brown who sadly passed away in 2007 and in Septermber 2008, the group changed its name from The Persuaders to The Ultimate Persuaders featuring Richard Poindexter.
We hope you enjoy this soulful gem!
Visit their new home on the web at
Andy Lothian
It’s Soul Time! Records LLC

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The Final Week-A Must See Obama Video

Pickett Public Relations Group
Press Release For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Keisha Pickett
Pickett Public Relations Group
(813) 903-9247


The Hip Hop Soul Artist Drops Political Rhymes Over Two of Today’s Most Popular Hip Hop and R &B Songs and Creates a Must See Complementing Video

D. Mawl releases song

Louisville, KY – October 27, 2008 – D. Mawl can be added to the ranks of many artists who have used their talents in support of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. With hip hop and urban communities on fire about the current election, it was only natural for the Louisville lyricist to contribute to this evolutionary time. The urban youth have registered to vote in record numbers this year and those who influence them most, have been critical encouragers of their participation. “I am so excited about the energy of our hip hop generation and very proud of the attention and time they are placing on this election. I am a strong Barack Obama supporter and want to see this brother prove his doubters wrong,” says D. Mawl. He is hopeful that this song and video will create more spark in this last week before the big election day and motivate some to vote early. Listen and download the mp3 of “The Great Election” by clicking HERE. View the must see YouTube video HERE.

In addition to “The Great Election”, D. Mawl is busy promoting his single “Keep It Hip Hop” from his The Lost 16 album. He is nationally recognized for his “All Over the Place” Black history anthem and as KFC’s 2007 360 Pride Hitmaker.

To hear some of D. Mawl’s music, please visit or Music is readily available for fans, DJs, radio stations and other outlets.

For media inquiries and interviews, please contact Keisha Pickett at or (813) 903-9247.

About Soul LinQ Productions:
Soul LinQ Productions is dedicated to producing quality music with talented artists throughout the Midwest region. The Soul LinQ roster includes hip hop soul artist D. Mawl, gospel singer Adrianne Archie and neo-soul artist Carlis P. Soul LinQ Productions was founded in 2001 by D. Mawl, Carlis Phillips and Corlan Phillips. Soul LinQ is known for hosting live jam sessions at the legendary Java House in Louisville, KY. Soul LinQ used this venue to showcase the label and also featured the hottest poets from Louisville. For more information, visit

Hip-Hop Soul Artist Niva Releases Debut Single, "I Will Make It" Featuring Kamal Supreme


Niva and Kamal Supreme

New York, NY ( – There is a new movement in the world of urban music. A movement to operate outside of the framework of the major label record companies. That movement is thriving and flourishing with urban independent artists in all parts of the country. Many artists are taking advantage of social networking web sites as well as Yahoo and Google pay per clicks and public access television to promote their music.

Niva is one such artist. Her debut track “I Will Make It” is a powerful anthem-like song with a strong hip-hop beat and a dream-like folk guitar. With its inspirational and motivational lyrics, the song serves as a testament to self love and determination. The strong hook drives home the point to not rely on yourself but rely on a higher power.

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Niva is not the average pretty face that can’t sing and needs electronic autotune and Pitch correction to perform and record. Niva is for real and she proves it every time she steps on stage. Niva constantly and continuously performs at various clubs in the New York/New Jersey area where she receives rave reviews for her singing and her powerful stage performance. Niva’s delivery of classic Soul and R&B in a modern day Urban Hip-Hop package has prompted many to call her “The New Soul Diva.”

Now residing in New York City, Niva originally from Houston, Texas is blazing a path as a recording artist and performer. “I Will Make It” is a collaborative effort with Spoken Word Poet ‘Kamal Supreme’. Kamal is known for his musical message of empowerment for women. The two artists were brought together by New Black Music in an effort to create something different, interesting and meaningful. Spoken Word can be a provocative and prolific art form. Combining that art form with a singer of Niva’s soul and power can definitely make you sit up and take notice.

The new track reflects Niva’s pain and suffering growing up in Houston and her determination to break the cycle of pain and depression. When asked about her inspiration for the song Niva responded, “I had to go to a very dark place to write and sing those lyrics.” While Niva is inspired by Beyonce and Mary J. Blige, she is also a big fan of classic Soul and R&B music. One of the first projects she worked on with New Black Music was for a television show called “The Urban Mix.” Niva sang two classic soul tracks with a live band. The songs were Michael Henderson’s “Be My Girl” and the Delfonics’ “Baby I Miss You.” The band of seasoned Bebop, Soul and R&B musicians were so impressed that they became Niva’s personal backing band. She also performed on several other local television appearances doing songs by ‘Candi Staton’ and other classic Soul and R&B greats as well as her own powerful Hip-Hop Soul.

Niva left Houston with nothing and came to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a star. The story of all of her trials and tribulations and struggle after arriving in New York City is fit for a Hollywood movie. According to Niva, “No one knows how hard I have worked to get where I am now.” Through all of the struggle and adversity she experienced she held on to her dreams and perfected her craft. She responded to an ad put in Craigslist by New Black Music for a female artist. According to Brother Jonathan of New Black Music, “From day one I knew this girl had potential and I knew she was someone who really had something to say.”

Niva has a connection with all of the ladies who go through anguish and hardship and struggle to overcome and live the life they were meant to live. She is equally at home doing a hot and sexy dance track or pouring her heart out and putting her emotions on the table. While making the video for her debut song, it was clear to everyone present that Niva just loves being in front of the camera and sees it as fun, not work. “I Will Make It” is destined to become a huge success. Keep your eye on Niva, a rising star.

New Black Music

SHU on 106 & Park Wednesday w/ LOOT and BRANDY, tune-in y’all!!!

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106 & Park
W’sup peoples,

I’ve been quiet for a little while, but for good reasons đŸ™‚

A lot of new things bubbling, including the official release of “Beautiful
& Broken
,” brand new material, and some exciting new partnerships…

But, first things first. On Wednesday of this week (October 29th) I’ll be making some noise on BET’s 106 & Park with my man LOOT, doing a song we wrote together called “Almost Famous.” He’s a dope MC with the right mix of street and soul, and we’ll be laying it all out on the table – it’s a contest show,
so we’ll be needing you to call in and vote…. which means….

FIND A WAY TO TUNE IN!!! The show’s on at 6pm EST.
VOTE for the Song!!!

And if you’re hanging out in NY and want to actually be in the audience on
Wednesday, e-mail and put “Wednesday, October 29th” in the subject line.

Watch this space – more news soon….

Peace and Soul,


for Datoala Michael, LLC.