Youtube Channel

Its been a while since I’ve given attention to my you tube channel.

However it sits there and I periodically add to it and update it. There are a bunch of Soul Freedom Live videos, some playlists of Independent Soul Artists and some other stuff I like.

I have recently added a spoken word playlist, and I am building an Indie Soul Mixer 2014 playlist.

So if you can recommend an indie soul video (or spoken word) let me know and I’ll add it to the rotation, or you have any footage of any indie soul mixer, or Soul Freedom Live event please let me know so this can be added.

NB – it must be a video (NOT a picture with a backing track!)

Thanks for looking


Notice – Indie Soul Mixer – Atlanta 2013

Release from Mike Ashley and Dexter Myers, Indie Soul Mixer

It is with regret that we have to announce that the proposed Indie Soul Mixer for October 2013 in Atlanta will not be taking place this year.

This is due to our existing commitments to Independent Soul Artists including:-

a) the servicing of three radio shows and various other projects assisting Indie Soul artists,

b) the growth and expansion of Soul Freedom Live, our sister organisation in the UK. We have been required to concentrate on building up a roster of artists and events in the UK this year which have included a monthly residency, performance at major carnivals and festivals, with guests from around the UK and also Kenny Wesley from Washington DC. By building this organisation as a priority we will be facilitating US/UK collaborations through Indie Soul Mixer. Already various projects of such collaborations are under way.

Having laid the groundwork this year 2014 we will be expanding on this growth, and our flagship event in New York will take place on March 29th. At least one UK artist is already committed to appear.

We firmly want to bring Atlanta back onto our agenda and we will be working with our partners to ensure this happens in 2014.

Mike Ashley and Dexter Myers
Indie Soul Mixer